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5 Best Panties to Shape Your Tummy - Revealed

5 Best Panties to Shape Your Tummy - Revealed

  • 16 August, 2020

5 Panties to Shape Your Tummy - Revealed

After trying so many years to shed inches on my tummy, I gave up and accepted my fate. However, that doesn’t mean that I gave up on my good looks altogether. So, I redesigned my wardrobe to meet my expectations. That’s why these panties are my favorite as they shape my tummy, thigh, and even butt.

What have I tried and failed?

It’s been forever since I was content with what I saw in the mirror. I have lost my grip, especially on my tummy after my second birth. It was a hard one and the recovery process was only there to bid farewell to the sculpted tummy that I have always dreamt of.

I tried diets before. Before going to a dietician, I tried the most popular ones, including the keto, Atkins, and Dukan. To my disappointment, I’ve got the yo-yo effect pretty bad and after a while, my metabolism became diet-resistant. However, the first thing you need to do is lose weight without putting your health in danger. Getting in touch with a dietician especially if you are over some age would be a good idea.

In addition to that, I have always been absent-minded and forget to drink enough water. For the most part I remembered to do so when I was parched and felt dehydrated. However, drinking water is one of the best ways to feel full and you will help consume fewer calories.

The second thing is exercising. I am a casual gym-goer, and it’s been rollercoaster for me. Yet, my record for consecutive months of going to the gym is not more than 5 months. I am an active person and try to enjoy the day as long as possible. However, since the kids draw more and more attention, I can’t say that I exercise a lot. This takes time to shape up your body but it’s certainly a radical solution.

Shapewear as a way of instant body control

It was a very depressing moment when my husband was invited to a formal meeting, and I felt like nothing in my wardrobe befitted me. That’s when I decided to make-over my wardrobe and donate everything I thought I wouldn’t need ever again. Then, I started buying shaping suits, panties, leggings, and more. Why?

It’s because it made me feel fitter, more confident and younger. I’m not afraid of trotting out any panty lines, bulges or C-section wound. It looks seamless if you get one for your body.

Another thing is that as someone who can’t exercise regularly, I didn’t need to endure and be patient for a long time. I just slip it on and the clothing does the trick. Now, I don’t go jogging to lose weight which needs extra-motivation but I do it only for pleasure and a healthy lifestyle.

Seldom do I wear shapewear as a detox tool. I have got thermal body pants that make me sweat bricks and it feels like there’s a sauna at home. I don’t do it very often but it can also be used like that.

So, let’s see my most precious undies before saying anything else!

#1 Everyday Seamless Shaping Boyshort

If you need something to wear on a regular day, this would be your favorite as well. It’s the first thing that my hand instinctively grabs whether I go to work or have a lazy day at home. It’s no different than regular boxer shorts you might already have but with one important perk: it molds waist and hips.


  • Medium compression
  • Quite comfy
  • Curbs thighs


  • Hard to wash

Main Specifications

  • Floral design on the legs
  • Basic colors
  • No roll-up


There are several features that I like about it but I think its compression level tops them. As it’s suitable for everyday use, it shouldn’t suffocate you and cause potential harm to the internal organs. That makes it quite comfortable from morning to before bed.

Another thing I like is that it also shapes thighs well. Because my body stores fat primarily in my thighs, I have a disproportionate look. If you have pear or apple body type like me, you will need thigh support as well. By doing that, the thighs look “copasetic” as my young nieces say.

Lastly, since I wear it daily, I sometimes wish that it was washing machine-friendly. I think I have got almost a dozen of these, and I try to wash them every Sunday. It takes time to wash it by hand, but if you want them as durable as possible, this is a price to pay for it, unfortunately.


Finally, Everyday boxer shorts are the go-to product if you need panties to wear daily. This is quite comfortable as well as eye-pleasing.

#2 Plus Thermal High Panty

Remember when I said that I rarely wear some thermal panties to detox my body. This is what I was talking about. Thermal panty opens up the pores as you continue to feel fresh. I only wear it at home but I don’t think people would notice that you are sweating off thanks to its texture.


  • Won’t give your secret away
  • Feels fresh and dry
  • Waist and hips touch


  • Zip

Main Specifications

  • Wide thermal abdominal area
  • Good for plus-sized beauties
  • Silicone lace detail
  • Cotton lining


First of all, I like this one as it gives a more sculpted look. It reduces the waist and hips by two sizes. My regular size is XL but 2XL fits perfectly here as it’s high-compression shapewear. The hips tighten up and lift as you wear it which is a pretty good feature.

Apart from that, if you want to sweat but worry about the potential bad odor, I think you might like the cotton lining here. It soaks up everything and even if you wear it all day long, you won’t feel gooey and wet.

Yet, the zip has disadvantages along with its advantages. The biggest downside of the zip is that it’s vulnerable to break and it can be visible from outside, especially if you sit in a weird position.


If you desire to shed your extra inches and detox your body while looking slimmer, you might love this one. Overall, it smooths your curves to a great extent.

#3 Second Skin Seamless Butt-Lift Thigh Slimmer

If you need a slimmer thigh and have a saggy butt, this is quite a proficient piece of shapewear. It finely compresses tummy and gives an hourglass shape right away. As “Second Skin” name suggests, this would feel like a second skin, or should I say “you won’t even feel it”? Whichever you interpret, it’s been my top choice for skintight clothes.


  • Full-coverage
  • No rolling down
  • Medium compression


  • Could work better for tummy

Main Specifications

  • Ultra-plush
  • Non-slip
  • Mid-waist


To begin with, I must say that I like the feature that it covers all the problematic areas. It supports back nicely as well as slimming down the thigh more than adequate. Since it’s very lightweight and thin, I was expecting it to roll down a bit. Oh, I was even ready for that when I first used it. I was just going to the restroom to check if there is any tummy roll. There wasn’t! So, it smooths the waist and thighs and causes no bulges at all which is the most desirable in my case.

Other than that, I appreciate that it’s medium compression. If you go to a wedding and couldn’t shed those extra love handles enough, spending long hours in it won’t make your blood rush to your other parts. The butt-lift isn’t like clutching at the thinnest of the straws, it does well what it promises to do.

If there’s something that I’d change, it would be the tummy support. It’s good but I feel like it’s not enough. Otherwise, they must have designed it for slimmer women.


The thigh slimmer panty is for those who want their butt-lifting pants to be invisible, even for the wearers. All in all, it does that and I haven’t seen a better option for tight evening gowns.

#4 Shapewear High Waist Boyshort

When you need tummy-controlling underwear, high-waist is like a must. Yet, I see not many of them work as good as this. Unless you have to mend the thigh or back defects, this is an indispensable one for the night dresses.


  • Firm control in the abdomen
  • Zero rolling down
  • Medium level of control on the waist


  • Uncomfortable after long use

Main Specifications

  • No hooks
  • No seams
  • Silicone band
  • Adjustable straps
  • Bust-free


As I said before, I like this one under the night dresses. The reason behind it is simple: it gives the firmest control in my shapewear wardrobe. Perhaps, it’s not the most comfortable after wearing it for more than 3 or 4 hours but looking slim on the milestone pictures like wedding or business dinners is no laughing matter.

In addition to its firm compression, it is good for ladies who don’t want to visit the bathroom now and then. I have had this for more than a year and I wore it maybe a dozen times and its top-notch silicone bands haven’t worn out at all. It anchors to the skin and grants that there won’t be any rolling down or up. If you like more stability in your shapewear, you’ll admire the silicone bands.

However, some meetings or night-outs last longer than expected. In those times, I just want to keep my good-mannered lady face but it’s quite hard to keep it when something squeezes you left and right.


Overall, this is a good piece for special events if you attend often. It slims your abdomen down by two sizes and makes you enjoy very high stability without riding down.

#5 Signature Control Seamless High-Waist Shaping Boyshort

If you need a pair of boyshort to wear under your leggings, I’d suggest you take a look at this one. I think it has got almost everything that a curvy lady needs. It provides maximum control, comfort, and invisibility. What’s more, it’s a multitasker.


  • Maximum control
  • No bulges
  • Quite comfy
  • Invisible


  • Sweats more than others

Main Specifications

  • Seamless
  • Double layer of microfiber
  • Strapless
  • Silicone band
  • Shiny-threaded fabric


The Signature Control is the one that I consider jack of all trades. I mean it’s high-waist for better tummy control, boyshort type for better thighs. Moreover, its full rear coverage prevents any bulge from the back. To be honest back is the part we don’t see, and mostly bulges pop out from there if there’s a lack of support. That’s why I emphasize the rear coverage once more.

In addition to that, it gives the maximum comfort possible from firm control shapewear. It doesn’t cause muffin tops, tummy rolls, or any awkward look and you don’t move as if you’re robot dancing. Therefore, it is suitable if you go jogging. The last thing I like is that it sticks to the skin like glue and it’s the least visible one in my list.

However, I sweat more than usual when I wear it. This is the main reason why I keep wearing it while exercising. If you want to prevent it, maybe you can try to get a size up than your regular, which I think would be fine.


Signature Control is for beauties who want to combine the comfort and control of shapewear. Apart from its over-sweating, its quality is, I would say, spotless.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Would every shapewear fit my body?

In terms of sizes, yes.If you’re talking about body types, then no. Just like every other thing about trends and fashion, you need to pick one for your body. If you have apple, pear, triangle body types, you had better go with the ones that provide enough support on the hips and thighs. However, this choice could make you look ridiculous if you have a straight, full-bust, or hourglass shape.

  • Does wearing shapewear possess any potential dangers to my body?

Moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy life. If you keep firm control shapewear on for a very long time, then, it may cause some problems with blood circulation in your body. Just like the good effects of shapewear, this is also temporary.

In addition to that, I have seen some people have suffered from irritation, rash, or other mild skin problems. To avoid these, try to get one that wouldn’t make you sweat a lot (except for the thermal ones, of course) or just don’t spend too much time in the ones that increase perspiration.


To sum everything up, I have given you a list of 5 pieces of shapewear to be used for different purposes. Some make you feel more feminine while another one is more about comfort. First, the Everyday boyshort is the equivalent to the regular panties that gives medium control and molds your thigh, waist apart from the tummy. Then, the Plus Thermal high panty is for those who want to sweat off the extra inches and detox their bodies.

Later on, the Second-Skin one is a good choice if you need an extra touch on your butt and to slim down your thighs. Shapewear High Waist Boyshort is my favorite for wearing it under night dresses. Lastly, Signature Control is a combination of comfort and control. It controls all the places between breasts and knees while not interfering with your blood circulation too much.

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