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Best Maternity Shapewear

Best Maternity Shapewear

  • 22 July, 2020

Best Maternity Shapewear

When I was pregnant years ago, there were very few choices of shapewear for pregnant belliesunfortunately. Thus, I was sitting on the fence on whether I should wear my regular shapewear or not. However, over the years I have seen many brands increasing their product spectrum. So, there are different shapewear for different purposes which make my favorite maternity shapewear list.

What kind of shapewear should be worn?

Since you now weigh more and the excess weight is primarily concentrated on your belly, you need to wear specially designed shapewear that covers the whole tummy. It can be high panties or full-body suits. If it is medium compression, camisoles are also a good choice.

It doesn’t matter whether it is underwear or regular outfit style, you might like the idea of combining the trend and comfort. In addition to that, your body shape plays an important role too. Consider you need thigh as well as tummy support when you have pear body shape; this means your tummy and waist will look bigger than it is in proportion.

So, here I will pick my favorites for different purposes different body shapes. The only features that I will see as a must are the high-waist, the mild to medium tummy control, and anchoring to the body to prevent rolling up and irritation.

Why is it necessary to wear maternity shapewear?

The first reason is, of course, the eye-pleasing features of shapewear. You will be able to look slimmer without bulges, pinches, or flab.

The second reason is the physiological benefits of shapewear. The shapewear that I’m going to recommend all have enough back support so that the body won’t have to carry too much weight on the spine. Therefore, in the long run, you won’t suffer from spinal pains. I remember waking up with back pain during the third trimester if I stood for too long.

The third reason is that it actually saves money. I wasn’t very well-off while I was pregnant but after the 3rd month, it was almost impossible for me to wear any of my underwear. As your tummy grows, the shapewear also grows, which saves money on the long run.

So, let’s get to my favorites.

#1 Shapewear High Waist Short Evolution

The Shapewear High-Waist Short Evolution emphasizes the comfort of women whether pregnant or not. It is on the medium side when it comes to the compression and this makes it suitable for using it for long hours in a day.


  • Hugs belly nicely
  • Snugly
  • Anchors to body


  • No dramatic size-reduction

Main Specifications

  • Intelligent fiber
  • Strapless design
  • Medium compression


If you are a mom-to-be, the safety of your baby is more important than anything in the world. However, some shapewear provides the firmest control over the tummy, which may seriously reduce the blood circulation in the abdomen. However, having mild or medium control on tummy shouldn’t cause any problems regarding blood flow. So, I like this one as it isn’t very firm but still shapes the body well.

Another thing that I like a lot is that it’s pretty invisible under daily clothes. So, if feeling more confident thinking that you won’t have any bulges popping from your back is essential for you, then you need to have an undergarment that won’t roll up. Thanks to its silicone end, the piece won’t roll up and cause an awkward look on the thigh or abdomen.

The last thing I think you might find useful is that you can wear it with your favorite bra. If you like your uplift bra to contour your body and have a more feminine look, the strapless design may appeal to you. Thus, you can wear it however you want.

The only thing I cast doubt is that as its medium compression and comfort takes precedence over shaping silhouette, this might not be good enough if you are trying to hide your pregnancy. I know a friend of mine had suffered a miscarriage before, and she wanted to hide her pregnancy through the first trimester. I remember her not liking such medium compression shapewear.


As an undergarment, I think it’s best for those who want a smooth appearance and doesn’t require too dramatic reduction. If you are one of them, you might like the hugging nature of this shapewear.

#2 Free-motion Curvy High-Waist Shaping Leggings

If you are in your first 5 months of pregnancy, you might still lead an active life. If not jogging regularly, you would be conducting your daily routine and maybe even brisk walking. So, a pair of leggings that would safely take care of your bump while shaping your body, this would be a good choice.


  • No rolling down
  • Comfortable while moving
  • Shapes lower body well
  • Defines abdomen


  • Isn’t flexible enough for the third trimester

Main Specifications

  • Powernet fabric
  • One color (grey)
  • Lift bottom


I had gone out jogging until I was 3.5 months pregnant, and done the regular housework up until the 8th month. As a leggings-freak, I had several leggings in my wardrobe, but this one was the pair that I used the most often. The reason was it was the most comfortable in my wardrobe. I didn’t feel it was restricting my movements at all.

In addition to that, I like that it doesn’t roll down. The thing is when the baby bump is more visible, having anything less than a high-waist would roll down while walking around. However, this has got silicone dots on the top end and it sticks like glue to the body. So, this is another reason why I like it.

I also appreciate the feature of how it skillfully molds my abdominal area without constricting it too tight. You might like the shape of the bottom, waist, and stomach unless you want to hide your belly altogether. It has the extended back support which the backbone of a pregnant woman desperately needs and decreases the back pain.

However I noticed that the fabric, unfortunately, didn’t stretch enough to not lower the blood flow, so I gave up on it in my third trimester. It could be because I put on more weight than many women do during their pregnancy or because of its production properties.


To sum up, if you don’t want to give up on your daily movements or jogs during the first 6 months of your pregnancy, I think that’s a good piece of clothing, to begin with. It contours the abdomen well, squeezes thigh nicely, and provides support to help the spine.

#3 Shapewear Bodysuit Evolution

Not all maternity shapewear has to be used as underwear as bodysuits are becoming the new trend among moms-to-be. So, this is another “Evolution” type in which comfort remains at the forefront while the shaping feature bears importance, too.


  • Super soft
  • 360 degrees support
  • Stretches extremely good


  • Straps might be irritating

Main Specifications

  • Adjustable straps
  • Intelligent fibers
  • Wear with or without a bra


To begin with, having bodysuit shapewear in your wardrobe unlocks several options for use. One of them is it fits with a myriad of other outfits. You can wear it under jackets, combine with jeans or even as underwear. I like it since it stretches the best out of this list; therefore, it is possible to use it even before going into the labor.

Another thing that I appreciate is that its fiber is evidently softer than most shapewear in the market. This way, it doesn’t affect the blood circulation and potentially hurt the growth of the baby. The soft fibers also make sure that the outfit won’t leave any marks or irritation.

However, the irritation may come after long hours of wearing it due to the straps. Indeed, this is conceivably a problem for every clothing. So, my advice is moderation. Unless you use it in moderation, you decrease the chances of irritation on your shoulders.

The last thing I like is its back support. Apart from preventing bulges, the back part reaches up to the scapula and therefore, takes enough weight from the backbone. If you are a well-endowed woman, I recommend you wear a bra once you put it on to support the back even more. If you have B-cup or C-cup breasts, wearing a bra is optional.


Finally, this is an elegant-looking stylish bodysuit that is possible to wear during the whole pregnancy. It stretches so well that the size of baby bump won’t matter. If you want to take things for granted, I think it’s a good idea to buy two sizes up so that the whole pregnancy will be covered.

#4 Comfort Evolution High-Waist Thigh Slimmer

This is a piece of shapewear that I would suggest to pregnant women with pear, apple, and triangle body shapes. Since the fashion industry discovered that the hourglass shape isn’t the only way to be considered beautiful, more and more people become aware of dressing up according to their bodies.

So, thigh slimmer, as its name suggests, is for those who would like to slim down on their thighs while having enough support on waist and back.


  • Gradual waist compression
  • Buttocks enhancement
  • Inner crotch hole for comfort
  • Flaunts curves


  • Medium-high compression

Main Specifications

  • Silicone to prevent rolling up
  • Strapless design
  • Two color options


Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean that you need to give up on your feminine look. So, the Comfort Evolution thigh slimmer assures that for those body types I mentioned. I like the gradual waist compression because most people with thicker thighs have issues with their waists. It looks as if the waist sprawls instantaneously right after a tummy. Yet, this shapewear flaunts curves by shaping the waist gradually.

As your bump grows bigger and wider, I know how hard it is to wear and take off things compared to before pregnancy. So, another thing that would add comfort is the inner crotch hole. So, wearing it will be a relief as many shapers don’t have the crotch hole. You will notice how relieving it is when you go to the restroom.

Since it is not the tightest type of leggings, I anticipated that I would have some bulges or pinches more often than not. However, I have not experienced such an adverse condition. It hugs my body and makes me feel cozy in it. It may be because I bought an XL size and I normally wear 14 in trousers. So, one size up is almost always a good choice.

The last feature I liked is that it enhances the buttocks. Before pregnancy, I was a jock and tried not to miss my squat days. Yet, after not being able to go to the gym for months, I saw my muscles deflating day by day. The buttock enhancement feature would be good for people who don’t want to see their bottoms losing their fight against gravity.

However, I would suggest you not to wear it in the latter periods of your pregnancy as its control level is medium-high. For the first months, it’s quite good to use, though.


Lastly, the Thigh Slimmer is a good choice if you have problematic thighs. It supports back good enough, lifts your bottom, and slims down your thighs by up to two sizes. However, you had better stop using it the moment you don’t feel good in it.

#5 Second Skin Seamless Hip-Hugger Bodysuit

This is another bodysuit that can be slipped on to have a cheery day. Thanks to its lightweight, extra-thin fabric and embosoming structure, the chances of you forgetting having worn it is quite high. In addition to that, this is another product with hip support so, this would be good for those who are unhappy with how their buttocks look.


  • Unnoticeable
  • Soft to the touch
  • Comfort around the tummy


  • Gets heated up sometimes

Main Specifications

  • Adjustable straps
  • Antibacterial fabric
  • Medium compression
  • 360 degrees shaping


Let’s begin with the downside this time. As I live in one of the most humid places in the U.S., everything gets heated up easily for me. However, I wouldn’t expect this one to do the same. Wearing it in hot summer days can be a bit unsettling as the shapewear covers almost the whole upper body.

Other than that, I like the feature that no one notices when wearing it under clothes since it is one of the thinnest fabrics that I’ve ever seen. Moreover, it doesn’t roll up and spoils this feature. When I saw the name “Second Skin”, I didn’t think that could be this thin, to be honest.

Apart from that, pregnant women need soft touches as their skin becomes very sensitive as a reaction to the pregnancy. So, the natural soft texture is pretty good for moms-to-be. It seldom causes any irritation under the clothing. Some irritation may happen in case of wearing it too long in hot environments.

Lastly, it offers quite a comfortable stand around the tummy and waist. Even though it promises butt-lift, the contouring belly is my favorite here. Compared to the regular undergarments that I wear, this one is still the first piece that my hand reaches years after pregnancy.


All in all, this is the bodysuit type that pregnant women who need a helping hand on lifting their bottoms would need. If you are one of them, check the sizes carefully. If you are planning to use it during the whole span of your pregnancy, consider buying larger sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can shapewear during pregnancy hurt my baby?

Thanks to the amniotic fluid that your baby swims in your belly, your baby won’t be hurt because of your shapewear. However, if you wear a very firm piece of shapewear, it could result in decreasing the blood circulation in your abdomen. This could potentially be bad for your baby. So, to be on the safe side, try to avoid firmer shapewear.

  • Why do I look even fatter after wearing shapewear?

The reason is simple. You aren’t wearing the correct shapewear for your body shape. Wearing an unmatchingbodywear can make you look fatter than you are as it squeezes all the wrong spots of your body. However, when you wear an undergarment especially made for your body shape, you will see that you don’t look fatter.

  • What happens if my shapewear rolls down or rolls up?

First, good shapewear is clinched to your body with specific materials like silicones or such. If it happens, things that we would want to avoid could follow. For instance; it is no longer invisible as it pops out somewhere bulging.

Secondly, it can cause too much compression on one area of our bodies which can leave marks after long use. Because of these, try to pick ones that won’t roll up or down.


To sum up, these are my favorite maternity shapewear that I would want to have in my wardrobe. Remember to have high-waisted and mildly compressed shapewear for a better relief on our back and tummy. The Shapewear High-Waist Evolution is for those who want a smoother look without squeezing the tummy too hard. Secondly, the Free-motion Leggings are the ones that offer the most relaxing movement during the day or taking a walk.

Thirdly, the Shapewear Bodysuit Evolution is for people who want to look elegant as one normally would. It’s a stylish outfit overall. Then, the Thigh Slimmer is a good choice for moms-to-be with pear, apple, and triangle body shapes. Lastly, the Hip-Hugger bodysuit is a very thin, invisible bodysuit that supports bottom and back equally.

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