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Best Rear Lifting Shapewear – The Top 6 Bum Enhancing Undergarments

Best Rear Lifting Shapewear – The Top 6 Bum Enhancing Undergarments

  • 18 August, 2020

Best Rear Lifting Shapewear – The Top 6 Bum Enhancing Undergarments

Are you worried about how you will look while rocking a cocktail dress at the mixer, or your next job interview? Running out of options? Well, we have a solution to your problem! What you need is to invest in the best rear lifting shapewear. With the perfect rear lifting shapewear, you will look exquisite under any outfit! 

Are rear lifting shapewear worth it?

As you grow, your skin naturally loses elasticity and muscle tone. While exercise and diet can improve your skin and muscle tone, shapewear helps to complement this effort. Rear lifting shapewear undergarments are designed to lift and firm your buttocks.

Additionally, they maintain their natural shape and help the muscles and skin to keep their strength. The best part about the undergarments is they function temporarily, so when you remove them your body returns to its natural state. This allows you to shape it however you want with multiple types of body shapers!

With rear lifting shapewear, you don’t have to worry about subjecting yourself to grueling exercise routines and food depriving diets. Plus, you are guaranteed to enjoy a flattering look, no matter the outfit you choose.

So below, we've compiled for you my top 6 best rear lifting shapewear, which always comes to the rescue when I need it most. Each item holds its unique fabrication and features to help cater to a wide range of circumstances. Whether the climate is hot or cold, or the occasion is formal or casual; there's always rear lifting shapewear to choose from.  Take this time to pick your shapewear gem, so you can begin to enjoy your outfits and appreciate your body even more! 

#1 Panty Pre Molded Magic Tush

With the Panty Pre Molded Magic Tush, you can appreciate your bum more thanks to its pre-cushioned fabrication which helps to complement it. Plus, its minimalistic design allows you to wear it under any garments, be it a pair of jeans or a slim cocktail dress.

Main Specifications

  • Built-in foam padding
  • Spandex polyester fabrication
  • Two color options – black and nude
  • Sizes S - XL


  • Lightweight and non-bulky material
  • Can be worn under any garments
  • Built-in lightweight padding to accentuate your bum
  • Affordably priced


  • Not versatile – designed only for the bum


The Panty Pre Molded Magic Tush is a simple, yet essential rear body shape every woman should have in their garment arsenal. With a minimalistic design, the panty does more than just regular underwear.

The magic Tush adds not only volume, but an illustrious feminine shape to your body. The panty integrates built-in foam padding to provide you with a natural form and volume. However its lightweight build makes it comfortable and highly breathable throughout the day.

While its built-in form offers volume, it still maintains your natural body’s form; thus allowing it to rest naturally and softly on your body. You don't have to look like you have artificially added shape and volume to your behind!  Its simple yet functional style allows you to wear it under any garments as well; whether you are rocking your favorite jeans at the mall, or a full skirt at the club.

Made from polyester and spandex, the butt lifter panty effortlessly stretches to fit any body type and shape while maintaining a soft feel as it rests on your skin. Its polyester composition gives it a durable, moisture wicking, and quick drying finish to keep you fresh, dry, and comfortable throughout the day.


If you are looking for essential rear lifting shapewear, you certainly can't go wrong with the Panty Pre Molded Magic Tush. Its minimalistic style makes it a great investment because you can wear it under any clothing type. Its budget-friendly price makes it an excellent purchase as well; plus beyond its function it’s still an elegant piece of lingerie on its own.

#2 Perfect Shape Butt-Lift Boyshort

Enjoy a flatter stomach, a shaped booty, and everything else with the Perfect Shape Butt-Lift Boyshort. The short tights style boy shorts feature a feminine look with lacey bottoms to add style to any woman’s wardrobe, while its 3-in-1 lifter and slimmer bring great value to your purchase.


  • 3-in-1 butt lifter, thing control, and tummy slimmer
  • Controls your hips
  • Delicate elastic details to offer a comfortable and snug fit
  • Adds volume to your bum


  • A little short for full hip control

Main Specifications

  • T-Shape belly and thigh control
  • Made with Powernet fabric
  • Two color options – black and nude
  • Delicate elastic lace details


Available in size small to extra large, the Perfect Shape Butt-Lift Boyshort caters to all body types and shapes. The butt lifter is built with versatility; allowing you to control multiple parts of your body: your butt, stomach, and hips.

Its contoured rear part helps to enhance the volume and control the shape of your butt. The T-shape cut on the other end controls your belly and thighs with precision. You will be instantaneously impressed with the eye-catching changes as soon as you start wearing the butt lifter!

Its Powernet material itself is carefully chosen to accentuate its functionality. Made from nylon and spandex Powernet fabric; the material doesn’t only stretch easily and feel soft, but it naturally fits and enhances your natural curves. The nylon further enhances comfort by encouraging air circulation, even under the thickest clothing.

While its elastic details at the belly and thigh area help to complement its fit; the lace details add an aura of elegance and femininity. Just because you wear the butt lifter under your garments, it doesn't mean that it shouldn't be stylish!


The Perfect Shape Butt-Lift Boyshort brings value to your investment as 3-in-1 rear lifting shapewear. With this body shaper, your lower body shaping and control needs are properly taken care of. You get to control your abdomen, shape your hips, and lift your bum. At its reasonable price and the functions it offers, the butt lifter is quite the steal!

#3 Plus Thermal High Panty

The Plus Thermal High Panty is designed to not only shape your stomach, thighs, and behind. It is also built to improve your body chemistry through its thermal construction, thus, improving your natural look and shape over time.


  • Thermally creates curves over time
  • Eliminates body toxins
  • Lifts your bottom
  • Cotton lining to absorb perspiration


  • Can be quite hot during warmer days

Main Specifications

  • Front zipper closure with hook and eyelet
  • Silicone lace details
  • Thermal zone heat activation
  • Moisture wicking cotton lining


Wearing the Plus Thermal High Panty doesn't only temporarily shape and control your lower body. It also works on permanently improving your lower body shape and form. The thermal panty helps to shed off inches from your belly and thighs whilst accentuating your behind.

It features a thermal zone at the abdomen that increases your body heat thus, increasing perspiration as well. This process, in turn, allows you to shed off the body fat whilst eliminating toxins to reveal a less fatty body. To ensure, the perspiration doesn't ruin your day, the shapewear is ingeniously lined with cotton.

The cotton lining helps to significantly absorb the perspiration to leave you comfortably dry, and fresh throughout the day. Whilst wearing the thermal panty, it also controls and shapes your waist and hips thus, cutting them down up to two sizes.

So for those days when you want to feel like a runway model, you can’t go wrong with this panty, and hey, it will be permanently shaping your body after all. To ensure a comfortable snug and secure fit, the high panty is equipped with a front zipper closure with hooks and eyelets. Its silicone detail on the other end allows it to stay in place throughout the day.


The Plus Thermal High Panty integrates ingenuine and creative workmanship. This panty doesn't only control and shape your body whilst wearing it. It permanently shapes your body and form as well. So, dig into your pocket to purchase this panty will after all be worth the while. 

#4 Second Skin Seamless Butt-Lift Thigh Slimmer

The Second Skin Seamless Butt-Lifter thigh slimmer works on your rear and thighs to give you an exquisite and elegant look. Its medium compression means that you don’t have to spend long hours feeling uncomfortable underneath your clothing. 


  • Works on your butts and hips
  • Ultra thin material feels like a second skin
  • The snug fitting thigh slimmer doesn’t chafe or leave marks on your body
  • Moisture wicking and antibacterial material 


  • Not ideal for short dresses or skirts because it extends to the top of the knees 

Main Specifications

  • Three color options – black, nude, and brown
  • Anti-rolling silicone band
  • Ante bacterial fabric
  • Medium compression 


Built with medium compression, you will not be annoyed by bulky fabrics or padding when wearing the Second Skin Seamless Butt-Lifter Thigh slimmer. In fact, the butt lifter feels like your second skin. Nevertheless, you will be impressed by its butt lifting and thigh slimming performance. 

The mid waist butt lifter and waist slimmer is designed to be worn under any pants, however, it also makes the best rear lifting shapewear for any clothing as you can wear it under a wide selection of dresses and skirts as well. The full coverage rear lifting shapewear features a subtle fabric design that prevents slippage.  

Furthermore, the plush textured fabric prevents chafing or leaving marks on your body whilst its lightweight build makes it breathable and well ventilated. In addition to its incredible ventilation, the fabric is anti-bacterial treated, thus, fighting off odor-causing bacteria for a dry, fresh, and odorless performance. 

The butt lifter incorporates wide band support that lifts your rear whilst it naturally shapes your abdomen and thighs. Its silicone waistband on the other end avoids rolling down to leave you comfortable throughout the day.  


The Second Skin Seamless Butt Lifter Thigh Slimmer comes with the advantage of being a healthy and sanitary undergarment option. Whilst it does an excellent job at butt lifting and thigh slimming, its superior fabric choice helps to deliver an odorless, anti-bacterial, and truly natural form fitting performance. 

#5 Bareley There Seamless Layering Leggings

On a chilly or cold day, the Bareley There Seamless Layering Leggings are a perfect addition to your outfit. Who said you can't look good just because it's cold outside?! Plus, with these layering leggings, you get to shape your hips, thighs, and legs whilst lifting your booty. 


  • Shapes legs, hips, and thighs
  • Volumizes and lifts the booty
  • Contains skin improving minerals
  • Ideal for chilly and cold weather 


  • Can be somewhat hot during warm weather 

Main Specifications

  • Two color options – black and nude
  • Skin improving minerals
  • Booty lifting
  • Leg, thigh, and hip shaping 


The Bareley There Seamless Layering Leggings offer a full lower body shaping and control solution as it works on your legs, thighs, hips, and buttocks. The layering leggings are designed to offer just the right amount of body flattering enhancement without being too obvious or unnatural.

 Made with skin enhancing minerals, the layering legs react to your body heat which, in turn, improves the elasticity of your skin and reduces cellulite markings on your body. Packed with medium compression, the layering leggings remain lightweight and highly breathable to ensure you are comfortable throughout the day. 

 Additionally, the seamless medium compression build prevents the leggings from leaving any marking on your body or presenting an uneven contour on your body. So, keep rocking that summer body all the way through fall and winter with the Bareley There Seamless Layering Leggings. 


The Bareley There Seamless Layering Leggings are a gem when it's cold or chilly outside. These leggings don't only shape your lower body and lift your bum, but they also add a layer of warmth and comfort. Nevertheless, their medium compression means that you will not be confined in a padded hot box – you will still enjoy the same level of comfort and style. 

#6 Comfort Evolution High-Waist Thigh Slimmer

The Comfort Evolution High Waist Thigh Slimmer reflects its name; ensuring every part of your body enjoys maximum comfort. Its fabric feels like a second skin which, in turn, leaves you free and fresh throughout the day. 


  • One piece belly, hips, and thigh shaper
  • Butt enhancing shaper
  • The gradual waist compression function
  • Offers a perfect fit on the legs


  • Doesn't offer full coverage to the feet 

Main Specifications

  • Two color options – black and nude
  • Silicone contoured design
  • Available in sizes S to 2XL
  • Inner crotch hole 


The Comfort Evolution High Waist Thigh Slimmer offers maximum comfort all over your body whilst its lightweight fabrication leaves you feeling fresh and flexible. Its lightweight body and effortless form-hugging fit make it feel like your second skin. 

With this rear lifting shapewear, you will enjoy a perfectly shaped waist, abdomen, thighs, and hips. Additionally, the rear shaper delivers butt enhancing performance. Designed with a natural silicone contour, the shaper gives you a natural waist curve. 

Its gradual waist compression design shapes your waist into a slimmer and flattering appearance. Its abdomen control on the other end slims your belly. The rear lifting shapewear also features an inner crotch hole which helps to improve overall comfort. 


The Comfort Evolution High Waist Thigh Slimmer is one of the best rear lifting shapewear as it takes care of all the essentials. With a waist, abdomen, leg, thigh, and hip shaper, all your lower body needs are taken care of. Plus it throws in a perk – butt enhancement!

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Order A Size Smaller?

You want to find the right fit because it guarantees the perfect body curves and booty lifting. For example, if you buy shapewear that is a size smaller thinking the tight fit will achieve better curves, you will only yield the opposite. If your shapewear is too tight, this will result in an unflattering and unnatural look. Thus, you want to ensure you find the right and precise size for your body.

  •  How Do I know The Right Rear Lifting Shapewear Size For My Body?

It depends on the type of rear shifting shapewear you go for. However, rear lifting shapewear covers the lower body. Therefore, you want to get important lower body measurements, these include your waist and hip measurements.

 To know your waist size, measure the circumference of your waist 2 inches above the belly button, and record the value in inches. To know your hip size, measure around the fullest part of the hips in inches. You can then compare these two values against the Wow Shapers sizing guide chart for body shapers  – you should be able to find the accurate size.

  •  Will A Rear Lifting Shapewear Permanently Increase The Volume Of My Bum?

Not even the best rear shifting shapewear can permanently increase the volume of your bum. However, the best part about owning these shapewear undergarments is that you can control your looks. Typically, most rear lifting shapewear will have at least two or three functions. For example, you can find one that enhances your booty whilst also slimming your belly and hips.

 However, from time to time, you may also find unique designs such as the Plus Thermal High panty. Whilst this undergarment doesn’t enhance you bum volume, it improves your body metabolism and helps to eliminate toxins and excess fats. 


At the end of the day, investing in the best rear lifting shapewear proves to have its perks. Whether you want to feel more feminine or add an aura of femininity and elegance to your cocktail outfit, you can't go wrong with these undergarments. 

Investing in the best rear lifting shapewear also brings the benefit of high quality fabrication. You will not only enjoy body flattering but also long lasting comfort – through their lightweight padding or breathable skin friendly fabrics. 

Additionally, you will come across special shapewear such as the Plus Thermal High Panty; which doesn’t only offer temporary body shaping and control. But, its thermal construction improves your body metabolism overtime. So pick your body shaping gem above from the 6 best rear lifting shapewear so you can begin to feel good about your body.

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