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Best Shapewear for Back Fat

Best Shapewear for Back Fat

  • 18 August, 2020

Best Shapewear for Back Fat

Despite years of exercising and diets, I was unable to get rid of the few extra inches on my back. However, I did not want to let go of the best dresses in my wardrobe, which I couldn’t wear due to my back fat. This is why I invested in some of the best shapewear for back fat, which let me wear my favorite clothes!

My attempt to lose back fat

Losing weight was easier when I was younger; but as I grew up, taking care of my body became more of a challenge. With an increase in responsibilities, most of my time was spent at work or taking care of household chores. During my time off, I was too tired to work out and ended up relaxing most of the time.

However, I did undergo a few diets and also took advice from a dietician. But the lack of time and motivation meant that I was unable to stick to the routine recommended by the expert. I also spent some time going to the gym, but could not maintain a proper schedule.

So after a few months, I ended up leaving the gym as well and resorted to some light exercising at home. However that was not a long term and effective solution to get rid of my back fat.

Shapewear to my rescue

The most dreadful moments of my life were when I had to go out for any kind of special occasion, only to find none of the dresses fit me properly. I did not like what I saw in the mirror and decided that I needed a proper solution to get back my now lost self-confidence.

That is when I started buying different shapewear to make myself look fitter, and give my body better a shape. I was no longer afraid of not looking my best whenever I had to go out to a party. Moreover, I could wear my favorite dresses without feeling self-conscious again!

I can proudly say that investing in shapewear has been by far the best decision that I have made. Though I will continue on my path to losing fat from certain areas of my body, I don’t need to get frustrated or depressed in the process anymore. I now have a best friend in the form of shapewear, who gives me a much-needed confidence boost.

So, let's take a glance at some of these amazing shapewear pieces which I can vouch for!

#1     Comfort Evolution Full Body Shaper

If you are looking for shapewear that can make your overall body look slimmer, then the comfort evolution full body shaper is the one for you! This is the shapewear I choose while wearing any kind of tight hugging dress. Comfortable, just like the name suggests, this shapewear gives me perfect body curves.


  • Adjustable straps for flexibility
  • High compression
  • All in one shapewear


  • It takes time to adjust to the body shape

Main Specifications

  • Open gusset
  • Total support for back, thighs, tummy, hips, waist
  • Black and gloss nude colors


The best feature of this shapewear is its adequate compression, which gives me good curves but does not suffocate me in the process. However if this is your first time using shapewear, then it might take some time for you to adjust to it.

Available in two basic colors, which are black and gloss nude; this is perfect for any attire, without needing to worry about the shapewear peeking from underneath your clothes. You can also wear this shapewear without a bra if needed.

Along with an open gusset and adjustable straps, this shapewear is the best you can come across for a defined body shape.


Overall, comfort full body evolution shaper would be your go-to shapewear for your everyday attire.

#2     Shapewear High Waist Short Evolution

The shapewear high waist short evolution is a great choice not only for back fat, but also for your lower body along with your tummy. This snug shapewear highly comfortable and will be able to make you feel confident all day long.


  • Smoothens back and belly fat
  • Medium compression
  • Snug fit


  • Low size-reduction

Main Specifications

  • Intelligent fiber
  • Sticks to the body
  • Strapless


The high waist short evolution shapewear is a very comfortable piece that is perfect for back and tummy control. Made from intelligent fibers and medium compression, the shapewear will provide you with the ultimate comfort.

The flawless material of the shapewear provides you with the opportunity to wear it beneath any dress. No one will be able tell you’re wearing shapewear underneath!

This lightweight fabric will get you through the day without any discomfort or irritation. You may have tried wearing shapewear before, and it’s possible it may have not fit you well. However you won’t experience such issues with the high waist short evolution.


For people who are looking for normal shapewear with no high-end size-reduction features, the high waist short evolution is the one to choose.

#3     Shapewear Bodysuit Evolution

Bodysuits have changed over the years and no longer are a bulky piece made from rough fabric. The Shapewear Bodysuit Evolution is very soft and comfortable, and the best thing about it is that it can be worn in different styles!


  • Soft
  • Complete support
  • Stretchable


  • Uncomfortable straps

Main Specifications

  • Soft fabric
  • Can be worn without a bra
  • Available in black and gloss nude


One of the main features of this bodysuit is that you do not have to necessarily wear it as underwear. You can pair it with high waist pants or skirts, and also wear a jacket over it. Available in two solid colors, this bodysuit leaves allows you to change your look in different ways.

The soft fibers of this bodysuit provide you with great comfort, and you will not experience any itchiness or marks on your body, even after wearing it for long periods of time. The medium compression gives your body enough breathing area, and enables proper blood circulation.

However, you may feel some irritation from the straps of the bodysuit, which is a very common problem associated with many undergarments.


To get rid of the bulges in your back while wearing your favorite attire, buy the correct size of the shapewear bodysuit evolution.

#4     Shapewear Body Elegance

If you are more inclined towards a classic underwear style, then the shapewear body elegance is made for you. Decorated with flowers in the hip and bustline area, this classic piece will make you feel like a princess.


  • Lightweight
  • Seamless
  • Adjustable Straps


  • Not sufficient push-up

Main Specifications

  • Adjustable straps
  • Easy drying
  • Bidirectional elongation


The first thing that you will notice when you start wearing the shapewear body elegance is that it prevents sweat marks on your clothes. For people who are prone to excessive sweating, this shapewear is a great boon.

Additionally, the shapewear is seamless and made from delicate material. You can easily flaunt the curves in your body without the bulges. The medium compression of the shapewear gives you the comfort to breathe freely.

Though the shapewear does not provide enough push-up, you can wear a bra to achieve the same. Moreover, the body shapewear will not fold up underneath your dress and form a crease. The shapewear can be worn discreetly under your dresses.


Just like its name suggests, this is an elegant and designer shapewear which will help you get in touch with your feminine side. Control the fat in your back, tummy, and waist with the help of this body shapewear.

#5     Comfort Evolution High-Waist Thigh Slimmer

Even though the name states it to be a thigh slimmer, this shapewear is suitable for providing support to your waist and back along with the thighs. Fit for different body shapes this shapewear gives you the confidence to wear any type of clothes.


  • Suitable waist compression
  • Butt enhancement
  • Accentuates curves


  • Medium to high compression

Main Specifications

  • No roll-up
  • Strapless
  • Soft fabric


Having the perfect waist, back, and thigh is a dream of every woman. Depending on your body shape, you will need the right shapewear, which will be able to accentuate your curves. Whether you have a pear, triangle, hourglass or apple body shape, the comfort evolution high-waist thigh slimmer will do wonders for you.

The soft fabric fits like a glove to your body and will give you adequate comfort. Since the shapewear is a high waist, your back fat will be well hidden underneath it. You would be able to see the extra inches on your back or your waist over any of your clothes.

Moreover, the shapewear also has an inner crotch hole that is designed for your benefit. The butt enhancement feature is good for people who have loose buttocks and want it in good shape.


If you are looking for shapewear, which can give a good definition to your flabby things along with your waist and back, then the thigh slimmer is the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear shapewear while sleeping?

The body and mind need to relax at night, and so does the muscles in the body. Even the most normal shapewear has a slight compression, which tightens the muscles in your body. To relax your body from any stress, it is always advisable to open your shapewear or any tight undergarment when you go off to sleep. This way, your muscles can breathe freely and give your body the much-needed rest.

How can I care for my shapewear?

Every shapewear comes with a specific set of instructions on how to care and wash it. However, the most common idea is that you should never hard wash your shapewear. Even if you are using a washing machine, make sure that it is done in the gentle cycle. In case of any hard wash, the shaper can lose its elasticity. The best thing would be to hand wash your shapewear for better durability.

To Sum Up

Here I have mentioned five of the best shapewear that you can use not only for back fat but also for other areas. Firstly, the comfort evolution full body shaper will take care of your overall body shape, including your things, back, and tummy. The next in line is the shapewear high waist short evolution, which is perfect for your lower body and suitable to wear underneath short length attires.

The shapewear bodysuit evolution is another full-body shapewear that will eradicate any loose fat in your back, tummy, and waist. To get a better shape in the mid-body section, the shapewear body elegance is your number one choice. Along with the back and tummy, it also helps enhance the curve of your waist perfectly.

Lastly, the comfort evolution high-waist thigh slimmer works wonders for your back, tummy, waist, hips, and thighs. You can wear this shapewear easily with long dresses and pants. Though there are many others, these are the five shapewear that I have always felt comfortable in, no matter the attire or the occasion that I am wearing it for.

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