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Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

  • 14 July, 2020

Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

Many women struggle to lose their belly pooch for different reasons. When improving the appearance of our bellies, a little help wouldn’t hurt at all. Making a poor choice is a reasonable fear when shopping for these products; but you’ll find choosing the best shapewear for lower belly pooch is not that hard once you follow our little guideline. Our top picks cover shapewear such as underwear or gym outfit. If you need an extra touch for a butt-lift, check number 3! You’ll find there is a myriad of shapewear, but here we’ll list the top 6 for different areas of use.

How do you lose your pooch?

Did you know the longer you have had a larger than an average tummy, the harder it is to lose it? To top it off, the belly part makes us look more ponderous than we really feel! It can very unpleasant to shed the excess inches after giving birth; and some people tend to gain weight and store the fat in the belly area rather than having a proportionate posture.

I have had a weight-control problem after giving birth. I was occasionally in good shape; yet, I’ve had times when my belly was out of control! Looking back I see that I used to lack self-confidence because of such problems.

Before going further with extraneous information about me, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. So, the first thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as burning only belly fat or thigh fat. The female body tends to burn fat from hips, buttocks, and thighs according to Dr. Mir Ali, the general and bariatric surgeon at the MemorialCare Medical Center.

So, to get rid of belly pooch, you need lots of exercises and dietary changes. Having less than 20 percent of body fat will assure you will have it as flat as before.

Another alternative you may find is the surgical procedure. Though it is a guaranteed and no-risk solution, the belly will pop up again unless you change your life-style. In addition to that, it is the most expensive solution you’ll find to our main problem. Nevertheless, liposuction has recently become the most common plastic surgery in the U.S.

Why is shapewear essential for every woman?

If you go down the hard path and start to do the exercises, shapewear is of great help. Seeing the numbers go down on a bathroom scale is bound to motivate you, but having an instantly slimmer look is also great! Thus, I like the shapewear as they are unobtrusive as underwear and chic as an outfit.

Also, as I was going through a busy time and had no time for working out, shapewear were my fellow travelers. I looked much slimmer at my sister’s wedding with just extra-tight shapewear!

Yet, I have enjoyed it more since I found out about the high-waist leggings. They are not as shaping as the ones we use for underwear; however, they hide the extra pounds while in the gym while giving you a stylish look. As demand skyrocketed, we can now find different types of shapewear for different purposes.

#1 Everyday Seamless Shaping Boyshort

Boyshorts are my go-to shapewear when I go to the office as they fit into every type of uniform. The dresses look much more appealing with them, and my thighs in trousers do not bulge. On top of that, they do not make me sweat as much as a high-waist or full-body shapewear on scorching hot summer days. So, if you have a sweating problem, having less fabric covering your body is the better option.

When it comes to the everyday seamless shaping boyshort by Wowshapers, I like the sleek design with a floral pattern at the lower bottom as it is quite fashionable. The general area of use of these boxers is regular working days or you can wear it for daily uses.


  • Trendy design
  • Not suffocating
  • No panty lines


  • Two basic colors

Main Specifications

  • Strapless design
  • Flat and wide cuts on upper and lower ends
  • 4 Sizes
  • Seamless
  • An unobtrusive product

What does it do?

Before coming across with these boyshorts, I tried many different ones. The problem with them was a bit too obvious. It either suffocated me to the point I could not take a deep breath, or it was just too loose to hide my lower abdomen area. If you have a specifically larger lower belly area as I do, you will like the tightness level of this product!

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to buy the larger size than you usually do when it comes to shapewear. While it may be a bit discouraging to go for the larger product, the shapewear is modeled to be tight. Therefore, I recommend you try an XL option if you normally wear a size L.

Before, I felt like sitting on the fence whenever I was deciding what to wear, and worried if my shapewear was going to be visible to others. Now, upon wearing a dress, I look at myself in the mirror and no one can tell whether I am wearing shapewear or not. Yet, panty lines appear as the boyshorts move down after a tiring day. The strapless design comes in handy here as it hugs your curves and waist nicely and you do not enmesh in any awkward situations.

Lastly, the Everyday Seamless Shaping Boyshort has flat and wide cuts on the abdomen and thighs part. The natural path our excess pounds go is escaping the tight pressure of the shorts. Yet, I have not experienced any bulge and felt like the wide cuts absorb the tummy pooch equally.

A thing to reconsider

One thing that I can criticize is the lack of more color options. From my experience, there is no problem, if you are wearing a black dress or a pair of trousers. The issues begin when I wear un-matching light colors on a sunny day. The beige or black underwear fits with a lot of colors but when it is a less opaque outfit color, I keep checking if everything is alright with the shapewear.


All in all, if you are living in a humid and hot region, and are in need of shaping boxer shorts to hide excess fat; these could be your favorite pieces in your wardrobe, just as they are mine. Thanks to its sleek design and good texture, the parts that we want to hide are safe under the boxers.

#2 Free-Motion Curvy High-Waist Shaping Leggings

As I was trying to count my calories and work out, I liked having long jogs. Yet, I felt like everyone in the street was looking at me as if I was too fat to run. Moreover, non-shaper leggings are not designed for plus-sized people; meaning they are not good at hiding things. To avoid ill-glances, I wore shorts and tracksuits for a long time.

It was because most shaping leggings restricted my movements and they were not high-waist, leaving me no choice but to wear a loose-fitting t-shirt. Free-motion, as its name suggests, provides good coverage of the parts I want to hide and lets me run or do my sets in the gym! If you enjoy walking around the house in your leggings, free-motion can be a good choice for you, as well.


  • Covers everywhere you may want to cover
  • No sweat marks
  • Curvy and orderly look
  • Not rolling down


  • A bit too long

Main Specifications

  • High-resistance Powernet layer in the waist
  • Silicone band on the upper end
  • Flexible materials
  • Not see-through

What does it do?

Some brands, unfortunately, use thinner textile materials and this makes the leggings see-through. While I want people to look at me not in a disapproving way, knowing that my leggings show what I have got underneath is very annoying. So, a thicker material is more eye-pleasing to me in such a case.

When I bought the leggings, I was a bit hesitant as the grey color shows sweat marks very easily. I usually run to the nearby woods and rest there for a while before heading back home. Earlier, when I had my shorts on for the first time, I turned red from embarrassment as there was this heart shape on the butt part out of sweat. I like my new leggings because they do not display however sweaty I am.

The next thing is their support. You will like these leggings as not only do they hide your belly successfully, but they also support your back extensively. So, those awkward bulges from your mid-area do not exist. If you want to wear leggings with a bra, you will feel free to do so.

Lastly, as most leggings roll down terribly (regardless of the fact that they are shaping or non-shaping); this is an extra problem for ladies with love handles. It is infuriating to constantly roll it up with your hands! Among all the leggings I have, these cause the least of such problems. I don’t know if it is because of the material being pretty lightweight and hugging or solely the silicone band on the waist giving extra firmness. Yet, whatever way it is done, the leggings do stay in the place.

A thing to reconsider

I understand that these are the “leggings” and they usually cover all of your legs, and these additionally have some extra length on the abdomens. Yet, it almost ends where my bra starts. It could leave some opening for the ribs to show and it would be aesthetically more pleasing.


To sum things up, the Free-motion Curvy High-Waist Shaping Leggings is the go-to product if you are trying to have an active life. It has its downsides as well, such as being too long or not coming in many colors. However, its advantages outpace the disadvantages: Good back support, no sweat marks, and no rolling down; are the features that I really like about this product.

#3 Perfect Shape Butt-Lift Boyshorts

These are yet other boxer shorts with a better twist. You know how it is when you attract stares while walking in an elegant dress. After you walk by, people tend to look at what you have got there. So, if you are not content with the shape of your bottoms, a little lift of butt is a convenient and common method. It even works much better if you don’t miss your squat days.

So, the Perfect Shape Butt-Lift Boxer shorts boost the overall shape of your bottom as well as control the belly region. Unfortunately, various shaping boyshorts do not help with the appearance of the back of your thigh. Consequently, the opposite side does not have the same attractive shape as the front side. Yet, this product is pretty good at this if you are looking for a slimming and trimming butt-shaper.


  • Gives a perky and sculptured butt-shape
  • Looks natural and without any crease
  • Seamless design


  • Moving pads when in a tight dress

Main Specifications

  • Made with Powernet
  • Delicate elastic lace detail
  • Durable and firm butt pads
  • Good stomach control

What does it do?

I must admit that, I did not mind people staring at me and it happened often when I was younger. Yet, after giving birth, my weight problem reared its ugly head and I completely forgot how it felt to be given compliments. In those times before I started squats, I was wearing these boyshorts to have a more feminine look.

It emphasizes all the femininity that you have. In addition to that, it squeezes your stomach tight enough to give you a flat belly at the same time. The butt pads look very realistic and natural; and creasing happens very rarely. You just need to straighten any possible crease before or after every use.

As I said before, the pads and the boxer shorts on the whole are quite invisible under clothes. One of my closest friends who had known I just started going to the gym once praised the shape of my butt. When I admitted that it is not mine, she nearly had to squeeze me to believe me! Speaking of squeezing the pads, they do not go flat when you wear a tight dress. Apart from formal dinners, I usually wear baggy trousers and I have not had any problems with the pads rolling up or down.

When it comes to flattening the stomach, I can say with full honesty that it is average. Yet, if your purpose is to have a butt-lift; you may care less about the belly pooch. Therefore, I would say this is a better choice for those who do not mind an average belly control.

As for the size, these are even tighter than the regular shaping boyshorts. So, maybe the size up will be better if you hover between two sizes.

A thing to reconsider

As I mentioned, the pads do not move about in a baggy outfit. Yet, when you have a tight dress or some skinny jeans on, you had better double-check your “butt” before you leave home or the restroom. Just as many butt-lifters, the Perfect Shape Butt-Lift Boyshort has this issue, as well. Your left or right buttock can be uneven.


Finally, I would like to say that with its splendid pads and flattening stomach feature, the Perfect Shape Butt-Lift boyshort is good for people who want a sculptured, hour-glass posture. A more feminine look is something that we all enjoy in the end, right?

#4 High-Waist Seamless Shaping Capri Leggings

I think we, as women, enjoy wearing leggings; and fancy them even more when they shape our bodies. When I opened my wardrobe today, I saw several types of leggings stored in it. You could see gym leggings, Capri leggings, yoga leggings, and many other types. So, if you like leggings like me, these shaping Capri leggings could be a good pick for you!

I use Capri leggings for daily purposes when tidying up my place, lounging in front of the TV, or just cuddling up with my kids. For such times, the elasticity and simplicity of Capri leggings is priceless.

These are my preferred ones as their firmness is just as I always want, not smothering or not letting it loose; somewhere in the middle.


  • Shapes tummy, waist, and thighs
  • Lifting the butt even if just a smidgen
  • No rolling down
  • Good for indoor sports
  • No pinching


  • Slightly uncomfortable waist

Main Specifications

  • Seamless design
  • Strapless
  • Silicone-band waist
  • Open gusset

What does it do?

I mentioned to you that I use this for hanging around the home as they are pretty comfy, but let me explain this more. These Capri leggings are not as tight as my gym leggings. All in all, only my family members can see me in them and I do not need extra-tight leggings. If you are looking for such leggings, these are quite good.

On top of that, my youngest has started the Zumba at her school and she likes to practice it at home. So, I started doing it with her from time to time. As the silicone band sticks like glue onto the waist, I do not need to pull it up after lots of jumping and moving. As it is a bit see-through under sunlight, it may not be so good for outdoor sports; but if you exercise at home, you can use it for this purpose as well.

Since it is not the tightest type of leggings, I anticipated that I would have some bulges or pinches more often than not. However, I have not experienced such an adverse condition. It hugs my body and makes me feel cozy in it. It may be because I bought an XL size and I normally wear 14 in trousers. So, one size up is almost always a good choice.

Lastly, I would like to talk about how it shapes my lower body. If you have love handles and problematic thighs, you will like the way it squeezes the lower stomach in particular. It equally balances extra parts all over the body. Unless you invite your friends for lunch, you probably will not need extra-tight ones; still, it builds a good lower body.

A thing to reconsider

Because of the silicon band, I have unfortunately experienced some irritation marks after long use. The long use here means about the whole day. So, the pressure to prevent it from rolling down is good as long as you don’t wear it the whole day. My solution to this issue was quite simple: I changed the position of it every time it crossed my mind.


To conclude, you are likely to be pleased with what you have purchased if you are a leggings fan like me. Its best use is for daily routines such as housework or just lying on the sofa. Even though there are better leggings for doing sports, it is not inept for some indoor activities.

#5 Shapewear High Waist Short Evolution

Coming back to the under-garment products, I like the Shapewear High Waist Short Evolution because it uses superior technology, thanks to which the fabric is not as stiff as the others. It makes wearing it as well as taking it off much easier- just as it should be. It does not make me feel like a well-pressed gift box while trying to look slimmer.

I did not know about this product until my husband ordered it instead of the Everyday High Waist boyshorts. Once bought, I wore it mostly with an elegant black dress for weddings or business meals as I have the black one. It is essentially good if you know that you will be in some formal attire for long hours. It is very comfortable.


  • Most comfortable shapewear
  • Shapes tummy and thighs the best
  • Breathable fabric
  • Good stretch and even better recovery


  • Slightly rolling down

Main Specifications

  • Super-soft Fabric
  • Made with intelligent fibers
  • Good butt shape and lift
  • Pretty lightweight

What does it do?

The Evolution model truly changed my mindset about shapewear. What I mean is that I’ve always been of the idea that “the stiffer the fabric is, the better shape it gives”. However, this product proved to me that it does not have to be like this every time! Its fabric is the softest I have seen in shapewear until now. If you miss taking a deep breath while wearing shapewear, the Evolution might be of service to you.

If you want to know to what extent it shapes your lower belly pooch and the rest of your lower body, I would say it is as good as it can be. It promises to combine comfort and confidence and from my experience, it delivers.

For example; once I went to a business dinner with colleagues and as you might know, the shapewear can be a bit of pain after eating and sitting for a long time. Indeed, from the first moment I wore it, it didn’t squeeze me as the regular shapewear would; however, the real deal began after finishing the meal. At times, I used to feel the need to go to the restroom to change the position of my shapewear, but I did not need it with Evolution.

If it’s vital for you to have back support, the Evolution might be a good product for you. It ensures there are no pinches anywhere around your body. When I consider how many times I used to straighten my bulges, it is a great relief to have the product now. Another relief is for those who have a mild sweating problem as its fabric breathes and doesn’t make you sweat at all!

A thing to reconsider

I don’t know whether it was due to the stress of that specific business meal, but I had to pull up the waist a few times as it felt like it was rolling down. Checking in the mirror, it didn’t cause any crease or whatsoever but it just went down as a whole.


It is considerably comfy and easy to use. You should consider buying it, if you are looking for shapewear that doesn’t try to mangle your lower tummy and thighs left and right. The fact that it doesn’t crease makes it handy for formal environments as well as everyday uses.

#6 Shapewear High Waist Boyshort

The last one on my shapewear list is the most basic unit which I feel like every woman has worn it at least once. It doesn’t provide extra this or extra that, it simply does what we expect from shapewear. Similar to the evolution, this is also high waist shapewear; yet this one is a boyshort one.

It is as stiff as regular shapewear is, but it is still comfortable as it doesn’t fully cover thighs. It’s good as daily underwear as it is free of any hook or visible seams. So, it is of good use for those who are looking for some primary type of shaping underwear.


  • Not visible from outside at all
  • Anti-slippery
  • Not very tight


  • Partially creasing

Main Specifications

  • Medium level of control on the waist
  • Firm control on the abdomen
  • Silicon band on waist

What does it do?

Don’t let it being on the 6th spot deceive you as all the shapers have different purposes. This one I use as underwear. In fact, I have half a dozen of them as they are a quite convenient and comfortable replacement to regular underwear. They hide my belly fat, lift my butt even if just a dash, and breathe enough to prevent foul odor. I like the shorts mainly because of these three things.

On top of that, there are no hooks or seams- which is good if you wear tight skirts or dresses. If you have a busy day ahead of you, the underwear will at least let you stop worrying about your looks and help you focus on the upcoming challenges.

As I use it as regular underwear, I like the fact that it doesn’t squeeze too much as my previous shapewear which was giving me hard a time to breathe. So, leaving space to take a breath normally is something I’m sure all of us would relish!

Lastly, one of the reasons why I appreciate these pants is their balancing control. The medium level control on the waist prevents muffin tops while making no compromises on the abdomen. The elasticity of this underwear hasn’t disappointed me yet.

A thing to reconsider

Even though I use them instead of regular pants, they aren’t. What’s more, sometimes the waist part creases. Unless you are wearing a skintight t-shirt or dress, these won’t be visible as they are very minor. Yet, it is bothersome anyway.


The last one on our list is specifically good if you want to use something for the daily use. Apart from the occasional design mistakes such as easy-creasing; it is good for ladies wanting to have a good shape in the abdomen area. I like the instant slimming effect that lasts the whole day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do shapewear help you lose fat?

Normally, I would say no they don’t help. However, physiologically speaking, having a mild pressure on your stomach can suppress hunger and cause you to eat less due to curbed appetite. Of course, this is a rather hypothetical approach and may not work for everyone. The most guaranteed way to slim down is still the traditional combination of having a better diet and leading an active lifestyle.

  • How should I wash my shapewear?

If you want to increase their durability, you need to hand-wash them. Such garments, especially the butt-lift one, are made of delicate fabrics and materials so you need to handle them with extra care. They may lose their elasticity when faced with various chemicals. However, some products can be washing machine-friendly. Unless it is firmly stated otherwise, try to hand-wash these products.

  • Can shapewear shape my body permanently?

As much as I want to provide you with a positive answer, sadly I have to say no. They provide instant slimming and trimming and that’s all about it. I would even recommend you stay away from products that claim they do.


To sum the products once again, our top 6 picks for the best shapewear for lower belly pooch are as follows. The Everyday Seamless Shaping boyshort allows you to have an enjoyable time while doing daily activities. Then, the Free-Motion Shaping Leggings are extremely useful if you want to hide some extra pounds while jogging or in the gym. Thirdly, the Butt-lift Boyshort is for those who would like to have additional femininity for themselves.

Later on, I picked another pair of leggings, Capri leggings, as many of us like to do the house routine in leggings and it is a perfect choice for that purpose. The Evolution is one of the shapewear on this list whose purpose is to give additional comfort while shaping up the lower belly part. Lastly, the Shapewear High Waist Boyshort is for those who desire basic shapewear which does what it’s supposed to do. As a consequence, I think it’s a pretty good idea to wear different shapewears that are produced for different aims.

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