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Best Underwear for Big Tummy - Shape and Slim Your Body in Seconds!Best Underwear for Big Tummy - Shape and Slim Your Body in Seconds!

Best Underwear for Big Tummy - Shape and Slim Your Body in Seconds!Best Underwear for Big Tummy - Shape and Slim Your Body in Seconds!

  • 24 July, 2020

Best Underwear for Big Tummy - Shape and Slim Your Body in Seconds!

I have always had muffin tops and a little extra flab, but it went a bit too far after I had my second kid. The radical lifestyle shift during and after pregnancy makes it hard to go back to your original weight. Occasionally, a little confidence boost is needed while you get everything back in order. This is where this specially designed underwear comes in- some small lifts can completely change your figure. So, let us help you choose what the best underwear for big tummy is for you!

Stubborn body fat

When I was at my sorority age, it was much easier to lose weight and be slimmer. As my weight has been going back and forth, my body became resistant to my weight-losing efforts and now, I try everything I can to lose a few pounds but sadly, to no avail.

Sometimes, when everything else has failed, and losing your weight seems like an impossible task, surgery might be the answer. The current uptrend shows that American women seek a remedy in plastic surgeries, such as liposuction or tummy tuck. The good thing about liposuction is that you can remove fat from specific and problematic spots such as your stomach, hips, or thighs.

Body fat and weight loss

However, if you don’t have a stubborn metabolism and are ready to lose weight, you can follow some simple steps. Firstly, you can try visiting a nutritionist so that they can find the most appealing eating schedule for you.

Secondly, you can try following different diets and find the one that suits you the best. It could be as simple as counting calories or reducing carbohydrates. On the other hand, it could be something more technical, such as a keto diet, an Atkins diet, or a Paleo-diet. Likewise, eating a high protein diet swiftly triggers fat burning in the abdominal area.

How does the best underwear for big tummy help with weight loss?

You’ll find that alleviating stress is a good way to deal with extra body weight. A recent study shows that women who have to handle more stress in their daily lives produce more cortisol and this, in return, causes abdominal fat. This is where the confidence boost from wearing the best underwear for big tummy comes in. A positive mental attitude goes a long way towards body health and shape. Showing your ideal body off can help you enter the necessary state of mind to shake those extra pounds off.

How about no diet or surgery?

Using the best underwear for big tummy can help if nothing else seems to be working. It’s a good way to look skinny and in addition to that, it greatly improves silhouette and hides the defects in thighs and tummy.

On the other hand, not every woman wears such undergarments only for looking slimmer. A friend of mine wears these even though she lost almost 100 pounds in 2 years. However, years of being a plus-sized woman left her a distasteful souvenir: excess skin. So, picking from the best underwear for big tummy can deftly hide such imperfections, as well while hiding tummies.

You’re finally at your target weight- is the best underwear for big tummy still for you?

Wearing shapewear is very rewarding. Other methods to alter your shape or looks take a lot of effort and time, which you often won’t have. For example, life after pregnancy can be very busy, so free time is at a premium then. Keeping the best underwear for big tummy around helps you show off your body even during those busy times. Even slim-figured women will find this shapewear to be rewarding, as it helps flaunt their curves. So, you’ll find your closet will still have room for the best underwear for big tummy after you’ve lost weight.

It categorically boosts our self-confidence and self-esteem while it socially gives us a sense of freedom. It happens to many of us that our husbands or partners stop paying attention to what we wear. However, a bust-lifter or butt-lifter shapewear gets their attention right away.

What features should you look for when picking the best underwear for big tummy?

Firstly, it depends on the occasion and purpose but there are some main features. Among the criteria the first thing that comes to my mind when picking the best underwear for big tummy, is that you need to go for the high-waist option unless you want it for a different reason A different reason could be a specific dress, crop-top t-shirt or you might think that you don’t need any support on your tummy.

Secondly, you might opt for butt enhancement if you’re interested in it. Even though you work on your butt or you are genetically-gifted in this sense, a helping hand would never hurt, right? Always check if your shapewear lifts your buttocks before buying a piece of shapewear. In addition to that, if you are going to buy a full-body shaper, I would suggest bust enhancing too. That would not only lift your breasts but also make them look more orderly and sexier.

Having a shapewear wardrobe is a good idea. As I mentioned previously, shapewear is very rewarding, and a part of my wardrobe is dedicated to it. You might find yourself drawn to more than one item from the list of the best underwear for big tummy, and with good reason. With time you could have a pair of leggings, bodysuit, full-body shaper, briefs, and undies and try to learn when you should wear different pieces.

Lastly, buy shapewear according to your body type. No pieces in the best underwear for big tummy will feel like the best, if you wear the incorrect size. For instance; if you have an hourglass figure, camisoles would look much better on you than bodysuits. Likewise, high-waisted briefs will be the right choice if your body is apple shaped. Buy with your own body in mind, and not just for how the shapewear looks like.

Top 10 picks for the best underwear for big tummy

#1 Shapewear Body Elegance

First on our list of the best underwear for big tummy, we have the Shapewear Body Elegance. Shapewear undies that control the abdomen don’t always have to look boring. As tank tops are getting more and more popular again, having shapewear to shape up my tummy makes me feel great. If you live in a humid region and have a sweating problem, the undergarment that covers your upper body is essential to prevent sweat marks on t-shirts.

As a point of reference, I am not the biggest fan of full-body underwear but I like these because I don’t need to check any crease or whether it rolls up. That’s part of what earns it a spot in the best underwear for big tummy list. After all, whenever I go to a romantic dinner with my husband, this is the first piece that I think of wearing.


  • No sweat marks
  • Not very tight
  • Eye-pleasing details
  • creases


  • Inadequate push-up

Main Specifications

  • Adjustable straps
  • Quick drying
  • Very refreshing material
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Seamless
  • Flower details around the bust line and hips


I live in the Pelican State and as you may know, our summers are pretty humid. As if that were not enough, I have always struggled with the sweating issue in my life, especially as I am trying to be more dynamic, dealing with two young kids, working and cleaning my house. So, even at the times that I don’t wear shapewear, camisoles come in handy for me to prevent sweat marks on my back and chest.

Therefore, wearing something as a combination of preventing sweat marks and looking slimmer is essential if you have a similar problem. As I said before, I don’t put them on every day as it makes me feel squeezed a bit. Yet, whenever I go to an elegant restaurant or take a cultural trip, I put them on or take these with me. I haven’t had any sweat marks so far.

It is also a good product if you want to flaunt your curves. After long years of using shaping underwear, I have concluded that what I like is hiding the extra pinches, not my curves. So, many products I have tried are there to squish everything I have. I fancy the Shapewear Body Elegance since it contours my body nicely, delivering a feminine silhouette. So, the medium level of abdomen control is more than acceptable for those who want a similar result.

Apart from having a mild control, it is skintight. I find it reasonably pleasant as it ensures that there won’t be any crease. I only have the black version as it hides my tummy better and I wear it under my tight evening gowns. As a consequence, the undergarment is explicitly invisible and as it is skintight, I don’t need to be anxious if it folds awkwardly.

One thing I didn’t like

It can be undesirable for those who are not top-endowed, as its breast support is less than you might think. It pushes up my bust nicely but I have had better ones at it. If you are a 32D or above, you might not feel the difference, though.


All in all, the Elegance model is, as its name suggests, an elegant choice for women who want to have a more sculptured upper-body look, a medium control of belly pooch, and flaunted curves. Even though I would have liked better breast support, it looks very feminine and sexy with its flowery details.

#2 Signature Control Seamless High-Waist Shaping Boyshort

Next on our list for the best underwear for big tummy, is a good shaping boyshort that is extremely supportive in the tummy as well as bottoms. Boyshorts are specifically good for women who feel that they have saggy hips and larger love handles. It appropriately covers from the thighs to all the way to the upper abdomens. So, if you want a combination of better control over your thighs and buttocks, you may want to give boyshorts a try.

I slip them on almost every day. I like them as they contour my body without making any concessions on my curves. There are fewer body defects visible from outside and it keeps my buttocks balanced. If you are critical of your figure and wants some slight improvements, this might be the shapewear for you.


  • No stitching
  • Soft and smooth fabric
  • Maximum abdominal control
  • Nice rear support


  • Irritating silicone band

Main Specifications

  • Straplesst
  • Fabric with shiny threads
  • High-waist
  • Double layer of microfiber in the abdomen



When I bought the leggings, I was a bit hesitant as the grey color shows sweat marks very easily. I usually run to the nearby woods and rest there for a while before heading back home. Earlier, when I had my shorts on for the first time, I turned red from embarrassment as there was this heart shape on the butt part out of sweat. I like my new leggings because they do not display however sweaty I am.

In addition to its stitch-free mold, another thing that ensures its invisibility is that it doesn’t roll down (or roll up from the legs). If you are at your workplace where you need to be physically active, it would be bothersome to stop to straighten your underwear.

As many of us prefer these undergarments on daily use, I think it’s also important that it won’t make you sweat buckets. Since I have been dealing with such a problem, breathing, smooth, and soft fabric is essential as much as its shaping features. I mitigated one of the most troublesome problems in my daily life this way.

Since it provides maximum control on the abdominal area and milder control over the bottom part, the body looks more structured and has the long-dreamt hourglass shape. It will help you feel more attractive, rejuvenated, sexier, and more self-confident.

If you wear boyshorts without rear support, please note that the waists and hips are the two likely candidates for bulges to form in.

One thing I didn’t like

As I use them every day and for long hours, the upper-end spots irritate my skin. In such a case, you can adjust the silicone band whenever you go to the restroom. Shifting it up or a little to the side goes a long way to avoid irritated. It’s not a deal breaker, however, it is something that needs improving.


Lastly, I think these are the go-to products for women who want a comfortable shaping undergarment. It has several good things that I believe all the shapewear needs to have while possessing almost no downsides.

#3 Second Skin Seamless Butt-Lift Thigh Slimmer

Third on the list of the best underwear for big tummy, we have a piece for those who want an extra touch on their buttocks. Of course, the improvements are not overly exaggerated, but it would look as if you have not missed your squat days.

For my part, I wouldn’t put these on when I don’t wear something extra tight. I don’t know if it would end up with pads sliding different sides but I always try to be on the safer side. In addition to that, I like that it won’t strangle abdominals as women sometimes wear it under formal attire.


  • Medium compression with no thick material
  • Mid-waist (crop-top friendly)
  • Shaping thighs and abdomen
  • Not slipping
  • Looks natural


  • Potentially moving pads

Main Specifications

  • Antibacterial fabric
  • Medium compression
  • Silicone band in the waist
  • Ultra-plush texture

What does it do?

If you find yourself wishing for a shapelier behind, this item of the list of the best underwear for big tummy might be for you. The pads in this shapewear will help with shape up your buttocks. Butt-lifting pads need to be firm enough to not slip up, or fail to retain their original shape. Fortunately, this is not the case for these as they are quite firm and revert to the original structure as naturally as possible. After, it is best that any buttock supporting gear looks as natural as possible.

In addition to that, my sister who wears this shapewear likes to go jogging with me. Unlike my legging and t-shirt outfit, she likes crop-top with Capri leggings and whenever she puts these on, she looks glamorous. If you like bare-midriff clothes, mid-waist shaping underwear is right for you.

Thirdly, as the texture is exceptionally plush and soft, it doesn’t leave any mark on your skin. As the “Second Skin” refers, the material is very comfortable that you may even forget wearing them. As no underwear is needed (or even recommended), the fact that its fabric is antibacterial is of great surplus.

One new idea that I appreciate is that the thigh slimming part. This product might be the right choice for you if you have proportionally thicker thighs than your waist. So, it enlarges your butt while slenderizing your thighs.

One thing I didn’t like

After having tried them for some time, I have my doubts about the stitching of the padding in this shapewear. Having said that, I’m always surprised at how natural these pads behave in in a skintight dress.


Everyone I know that uses this shapewear claims to be quite happy with what they have. If you like a nice lift on your butt while molding your stomach and thighs, you can give this one a chance.

#4 Essential Open Bust Seamless Control Tank

Next on our list of the best underwear for big tummy, we have a seamless control tank. Tank tops are not always bra-friendly and for this reason, we can’t wear our favorite bras while wearing a tank top. On the other hand, a tank top removes any defect, scar, post-surgery issues, and muffin tops masterfully. Therefore, the Essential Open Bust Control tank tops are good if you want to wear your beloved bra and a tank top at the same time.

I prefer not to wear tank tops under a jacket, as I feel it is quite revealing. Instead, I like prefer wearing this since it can be worn underwear for my black shirts and opaque dresses. They look as if “I’m dressed to the nines”, as Brits say. If you want to hear some compliments from your husband or boyfriend, these tops will help you get there.


  • 360 degrees support
  • Looks very feminine
  • Doesn’t squish your womanly curves
  • Sleek stomach


  • Thicker material

Main Specifications

  • Wide cut at the bottom
  • Delicate straps
  • Used as a blouse or camisole
  • The open bust is more breathing


The Essential Open Bust is normally a blouse, but I find it too revealing for my own preferences. I use it as a camisole or full-body shaper. But, if you feel comfortable with other uses for this shapewear, you can even wear as a blouse. It would look chic with an elegant jacket.

What I like the most about this undergarment is that it supports all my body, molding my stomach while sleeking my back completely. Thanks to its delicate and wide straps, I don’t have any texture mark or irritation on my shoulders or chest. This tank top is really good when you are wearing a formal attire, a shirt or even a wedding dress with it.

You may like its strong feminine character, flaunting your curves attractively. After some time, I got used to the compliments about my body from my husband. Well, I think there is a cordial relationship between those compliments and these undergarments. And, that certainly makes it one of the best underwear for big tummy in my book. Consequently, I feel more positive about my own body and I am more comfortable with my weight problem.

I have been looking for stomach-shaping underwear for a long time. However, it is exhausting to find something if you have a sweating problem and if you are living in a hot and humid place. That’s why I like the open bust part here. As many women tend to sweat from their chests, it is an advantage that there is the space for skin to breathe.

One thing I didn’t like

As it is designed as a blouse, its material is thicker than most of the camisoles. It absorbs any sweat skillfully but wearing it as an undergarment is not that possible in hot days. However, if you put it on like a blouse, that wouldn’t cause too many issues.


All in all, this is the product that is pretty useful as a regular outfit or just as a camisole. If you live in an area where the winters are harsh, these won’t be too sweltering. If you are a bit younger than me with no kids, you can even wear it on girls’ night out.

#5 Comfort Evolution High-Waist Thigh Slimmer

CMoving on with our list, the next pick for the best underwear for big tummy is a high-waist and thigh slimmer. I honestly don’t own this just because I have a similar model, but because it caught my eye while looking for underwear. Like the Evolution model, it is exceptionally comfortable and limits creases and wrinkles.

This works wonderfully while doing some housework or lounging in front of a TV. This model of is quite cozy as it doesn’t apply too much pressure on the legs or stomach. So, wearing it at home while doing daily things won’t make you feel smothered.


  • Skintight
  • Medium abdomen control
  • Good waist reshaping
  • Inner crotch hole


  • Slightly rolling down

Main Specifications

  • Silicone band on waist
  • Gradual waist compression
  • Slight butt-lift
  • Medium stomach control


When I look at the benefits of this piece of underwear, the first thing it stands out is that it promises maximum comfort and it feels like a “Second Skin”. Agreeably, these are the things that I would prioritize in shaping underwear. Mostly, shapewear reminds you that you are wearing it by bulging out in some parts, irritating the skin, or rolling down. This model however, has little to no difficulties with these common problems.

Another feature that I like is the medium compression on the stomach. This would be really good if you use it while doing the daily stuff or walking around the house. The extra tight shapewear texture is not something I like because it almost always ends up with an awkward pinch and requiring me to run to the restroom.

The third good feature is something that helps you with maintaining your feminine curves. If you want to keep up your hourglass contour, the gradual waist compression can be for you. The waist part is normally where women store their excess pounds and the first part which loses its shape. So, having a slimmer and dainty waist would be much better.

The next feature that I would enjoy having is the inner crotch hole. This way it would leave thighs more space to move around and walking in shaping underwear wouldn’t be torture. Yet, I think this is a big leap forward for comfort.

The last good feature I would like to put a spotlight on is that it is skintight. I wouldn’t even consider this piece if my underwear were visible to other people by wrinkling, sticking out, or creasing. So, this feature of Comfort Evolution sounds very pleasing to me. If you like wearing tight dresses or pants, it probably sounds pleasing for you, as well.

One thing I didn’t like

Despite all of its comfortable features, this type of shapewear tends to roll down from time to time. I need to pull it up especially if I am moving a lot.


The Comfort Evolution is great for everyday use. It provides huge comfort that not many pieces of underwear offer. I like the waist support as well as medium control on the tummy. It rarely causes any creases, so would be difficult for others to see them.

#6 Plus Thermal High Panty

Sixth on our list of the best underwear for big tummy, is the Plus Thermal High Panty. Thermal shapewear combines two good features. It helps to boost your metabolism as well as molding your body shape. It is a great pick if you are on a diet.

Just like many other thermal underwear, it is waist high, going up all the way to your chest. I also like that it comes in a variety of colors including dark ones, as light colors display sweat marks worse. In addition, this model has only one large thermal zone which is in the abdominal area.


  • Keeps perspiration inside the pants
  • Extra bottom support
  • Flaunts your curves
  • Pretty large thermal zone


  • Having a zip means visibility

Main Specifications

  • Cotton lining
  • Hip reducer
  • Silicone lace detail


I remember buying a thermal bodysuit many years ago, and promptly throwing it to the trash after one day of use. I never felt comfortable in it, as it was very stuffy after just 5 minutes of wearing it. Sure, sweating comes with the territory of “thermal” gear. But, feeling fresh is a personal must for me. So, the first thing that grabbed my attention is the feature that perspiration is kept within the cotton lining. I think that’s a great idea, since this is such a deal breaker for me.

In addition, I appreciate that it has a single, large thermal zone. Some thermal suits have smaller but scattered thermal zones which make no sense to me. As we know, there is no fat-burning for specific parts, so we don’t need to sweat buckets.

Apart from the thermal features, it helps shape our waist, hips, and abdominals as well. I jumped on the bandwagon when I heard it can reduce up to two hip sizes. Even though I don’t think my hips are disproportionate compared to my body, it would be a nice addition to have if you worry about your hip size. It also molds your waist and tightens your tummy.

Lastly, I like that it fully supports your back, as shapewear that lacks back support is more prone to cause bulges on the back. While lifting your buttocks it covers all your back up to the scapula. So, this single piece has many benefits packed into it.

One thing I didn’t like

As people wear thermal panties almost all day long, these panties need to be as invisible as possible. However, the zipper at the front makes it impossible to go unnoticed if you wear skintight clothing. So, if I were to change one thing on this product, that would be removing the zipper.


To sum things up, thermal panties are great to shed some inches while reaping some of the benefits right away. Overall, I like the thermal zone concentrating on one area, extra hip reduction, and full back support. Yet, I believe it would be much better if I could be sure a t-shirt or a gown wouldn’t reveal what’s under it.

#7 Post-Surgical Full Body Short Second Stage Shaper

Seventh on our list of the best underwear for big tummy, comes the first shapewear I ever wore. I got them after giving birth to my second child. Even though it says it is post-surgical, you can also use it if you have back pains and minor torso problems. So, even after years, it still lays in my wardrobe. It offers medium to high control levels on abdominals.

It would work the best if you had an operation such as liposuction or tummy tuck as the used fiber has microcapsules containing vitamin E, seaweed, and Ginkgo biloba. I like it as these are what the belly skin needs in order to recover faster.


  • Trim Shape microcapsules
  • Promotes the effectiveness of Tummy Tuck operation
  • Irritation-free
  • Slenderizes tummy while highlighting the curves


  • Can only be used for a short time

Main Specifications

  • Bust-free design
  • Invisible under clothes
  • Adjustable straps
  • Feminine lace on legs


I remember my panic when I saw myself on the mirror postpartum. My friends were about to see my daughter when she was a month old and I still looked like I was pregnant. I normally wouldn’t care much but some of my friends had lost all their pregnancy weight very quickly. It made me feel self-conscious when I compared myself to them. I decided to give this shapewear a shot. These undergarments instantly changed the reflection on the mirror, and were the first I thought of when building the list of the best underwear for big tummy.

Firstly, its seamless and sleek design bars anyone from noticing that you are wearing something under your clothes. There are no stitches, zips, or useless details. If you are looking for something that should fit in right away, this is a pretty good choice.

Secondly, it possesses some of the natural healers such as vitamin E, seaweed, and Ginkgo biloba. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin while seaweed is rich in collagens which speeds up the process of healing. Likewise, you can find Ginkgo biloba in different skincare creams as it works as a catalyst for anti-aging.

In addition to that, we should remember that skin becomes more delicate after an operation; so, we need to treat it with better care. Irritation may cause bigger problems. That’s why I think the feature that it is irritation-free is crucial. The straps are elastic and soft and the inner part of the shapewear has little silicone dots to keep the garment in place.

Lastly, I like the general back support and that it highlights the curves. If you need to reduce the size of hips while lifting your buttocks, this full-body shaper is something you may like. As it is bust-free, we can’t talk about any bust support. But looking on the bright side, it just allows women to wear their favorite bras.


One thing I didn’t like

Even though it is pretty useful, I must admit that it is only for short-term use and it is not possible to call it a bargain deal. I have several pieces of shapewear and I have used each one of them hundreds of times. However, these undergarments are only periodical.


Overall, there are things I like about such undergarments as they are nutritive to the skin, provide an instant effect, and good for the tummy and back support. While its technology makes it impossible to be more economical, the short-term and long-term effects are helpful in return.

#8 Essential Shaping Square Neck Control Tank

Coming next, the eighth pick for the best underwear for big tummy: The Square Neck Control Tank. This fashionable tank can be worn as both underwear or a regular tank top. It is a basic top with a square neck that would look amazing with a bomber jacket and jeans. It is sporty, functional, and what’s more, it’s good for your skin nourishment. It looks good both in hourglass and apple figures. It is pretty stylish, as square necks are trendy during summer. You can wear it under a shirt and it will be invisible in seconds.


  • Nourishes the skin
  • Super tummy control
  • No rolling up
  • Good for slim thighs


  • Lack of color options

Main Specifications

  • Square neck
  • Fiber that is rich in mineral
  • High compression


As I was checking the fashion blogs for this year’s trends, I saw the square neck tanks would become voguish again. Shortly after, I happened upon this shapewear. As you might know, I like tank tops only with shirts whose buttons are undone. Thanks to the square neck shaping tank, there is a myriad of outfits crossing my mind. It is a very chic piece.

In addition, I like that it nourishes the skin with minerals. If you are the type to go the extra mile for skincare, this shapewear might be for you.

Whenever I put on a non-shaping tank top, I feel that it just keeps rolling up as my waist is wider than usual. Yet, these apply a high level of pressure on the waist and abdomen. So, it would prevent rolling up while tightening the tummy and waist. The waist control is gradual, which is good if you want to keep your curves.

Another thing I appreciate is that it is for apple-shaped and hourglass-shaped bodies. Unfortunately, most products in the shapewear market are for pears and provide a slimming effect on thighs. However, if you are a woman with relatively slim thighs, you can’t find a lot of garments produced for your needs.

Lastly, it also looks good on older ladies, as it easily hides excess skin under the armpit. It can be good as a piece of underwear like a camisole or just on its own.


One thing I didn’t like

There is a shortage of color options. There are only the basic white and black options, and if you don’t like the white shapewear, you end up with only one color. I think it would be better if they spiced up the range of colors.


With all things considered, I think it is a necessary garment to have. It brings the curves to the fore, nourishes the skin and it’s good for the less common body types. The fact that senior women can also use it is delightful.

#9 Signature Control Seamless Shaping High-Waist Brief

Ninth in our list of the best underwear for big tummy comes another high-waist option. This model is in fact an extended version of a boyshort model shown previously in the list. Yet, I believe this model warrants its own place in the list. This one is designed with a different body type in mind. It does not support thighs at all, but it shapes your abdomen more powerfully.

As “Control” on its name suggests, its firmness is above average and thus, it provides better molding on the waist, tummy, and upper stomach. It keeps the bulges away and reduces sweating thanks to its breathing fabric.


  • Extra tightening
  • Delicate-looking design
  • Less sweating
  • Quite comfortable


  • Irritation

Main Specifications

  • Strapless
  • Fabric with shiny threads
  • High-waist
  • Double layer of microfiber in the abdomen


Before I knew about the importance of body shapes for shapewear, I was just trying whatever looked pleasing to my eyes. However, I soon realized that was a bad idea, as it made me look somehow disproportionate. If you have no problems with your thighs and still wear something that tightens them, your tummy will still look larger than it actually is. So, this ‘brief’ model is for those who don’t need extra thigh control.

It is a good choice if you have a wedding, romantic date, or a night out, but it’s not a piece that should be worn for everyday use. The reason is that its extra-tightening puts your body under so much pressure that daily use can be unhealthy. However, it is occasionally useful for special days. It makes you look about two sizes down. On the other hand, thanks to its double layer of microfiber, it doesn’t suffocate you.

Another thing I like about this underwear is that it is waist height, which provides 360 degrees rear support without any flattening. So, you don’t have to bear with back pains on the day after using it. Its seamless and sleek design becomes completely imperceptible to other people. If you worry about other people noticing you’re wearing shapewear, you don’t need to be.

Lastly, I like its other features such as its breathing and its shiny-threaded fabric. This is especially good if you have a sweating problem you need to deal with, without conceding the slim and trim look. Normally, extra tight undies make you sweat more but the texture of this shapewear allows your skin to breathe easily.

One thing I didn’t like

Caution should be taken when wearing this, as extra-tight shapewear can irritate the skin. So, wearing this can be a poor decision if you know that you are going to move around a lot. It’s a great pick however, if you know you won’t be very active during the day.


This would be the first piece that I would take if I was going to an important meeting or a romantic date. It slims down the abdominal area greatly while your comfort is safe. Even though it sticks like glue on the skin, it doesn’t cause sweating problems as some other products do.

#10 Incredibly Shaping Jacquard Katia Cami

Last but not least on our list of the best underwear for big tummy, we have an actual camisole! I didn’t want to end this list without one. I remember looking at my grandma’s camisole as a kid and thinking it looks extremely unfashionable. But the textile industry has developed better-looking camisoles than those in my grandma’s time, and I’m thankful for that.

Camisoles are the most basic underwear and they help a lot when contouring the tummy. The Jacquard Katia camisoles are not like regular bodysuits or tops as they are made of thinner material. As they are getting more and more trendy, keeping a camisole around is a wise idea.


  • No rolling up
  • Looks very feminine
  • Medium compression for daily use
  • Sleek back design


  • Slightly creasing

Main Specifications

  • Delicate shoulder straps
  • Arabesque design
  • Seamless


Once you get used to the coziness of a camisole, it becomes an indispensable part of your wardrobe. At first, my relationship with them was a love-hate relationship. Normal camisoles would expose my back as they rolled up. That’s one of the reasons why I like this particular camisole. Its wide cut at the bottom rules out the chances of the garment rolling up. As long as it stands where it’s supposed to be, you won’t have to worry about pinches or bulges.

The second feature I like is that it looks feminine with its design. It only reveals the parts women would like to, and hides the rest delicately. The waist gradually tightens which makes the curves more visible. The arabesque lace details on the bust are also quite attractive.

On more technical terms, this is good for everyday use since its level of control is not too high. It squeezes the belly enough to down one size. If you are not going for a special event like a business dinner or a party, it is better to stick to medium compression shapewear. While not as specialized as other shapewear, its specifications earned it its spot at the best underwear for big tummy list.

This shapewear would not stand out from under your clothes which I would desire from a camisole. However, if you wear it on a summer day under summer dresses, it would be visible as if you were wearing sheer fabric. So, I wouldn’t recommend it if you wear shapewear mostly during summer.

One thing I didn’t like

Well, every rose has its thorn and the Jacquard Katia camisole is very wrinkly. It may not bother you as long as you wear jeans and the camisole is as smooth as possible. However, if you move a lot, it is highly likely that you will see wrinkles and creases. As ironing may not be too healthy for the fabric’s elasticity, you may want to ignore it altogether.


All in all, the Incredibly Shaping Jacquard Katia camisole is good investment for the shapewear wardrobe. They are feminine and sexy, while giving the waist a nice shape. It also molds the tummy as much as daily use would require. One of the most desirable features is that it should not be rolling up the back, and it delivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size should I choose while buying my undies?

Nowadays, shapewear is pretty comfortable. I recommend you buy just one size up to avoid any possible bulge or pinch. However, I see some women trying to squeeze in a size down but it does nothing but to give you discomfort. So, if you want your shapewear to perform the best, try to stick with your size.

  • Can shapewear’s effect be permanent if I wear them long hours?

Sadly, no. If you are looking for a real transformation, you need to address your problems to a dietician or a plastic surgeon. Shapewear can contour your body only temporarily. Some products claim that they perpetuate the shaping even after using but there is no research backing these claims up.

  • Can I wash my shapewear in my washing machine?

Unless it clearly says it is washing machine-friendly, you should handwash them. It doesn’t take too much time but it substantially increases the hygiene and durability of shapewear. You need to wash them with warm water and you should not use any chlorine bleach as it makes shapewear lose its elasticity.

  • Can shaping underwear fight cellulite?
  • It has been an urban myth since shapewear was taking baby steps. However, for the last 10 years, there has not been any study that could prove that. Cellulitis is there for largely genetic reasons and they will stay there unless you change your dietary habits. The nail in the coffin for cellulite would be exercising regularly and using self-tanners and sunscreens.


    After this lengthy best underwear for the big tummy list, I believe a quick summary is in order. First, the Shapewear Body Elegance is the most elegant looking piece on this list, then the Signature Control boyshort is for those who want extra-tight underwear for some special occasions. The difference between that and Signature Control brief is it’s better suited for those whose body shape is either apple or hourglass.

    Next up, the Second Skin Butt-Lift Thigh Slimmer is a good contender for the best underwear for big tummy, for women who could use the extra help for their buttocks. Then, we have tank tops and camisoles. The Essential Open Bust tank is the one that eliminates all types of bulges, muffin tops, pinches, or scars that could be visible. The other tank top is the Square Neck top which appeals to women who want a more stylish outfit. The last one is the Jacquard Katia camisole which is perfect as underwear and reveals the feminine silhouette.

    The Comfort Evolution is the best for daily use, while the Plus Thermal panty is good for those who want to speed up their fat-burning. Lastly, the Post-Surgical shaper is good if you need special treatment from shapewear.

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