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Cami Shaper Review

Cami Shaper Review

  • 22 July, 2020

Cami Shaper Review

Back in the 90s, people worecamis only as an undergarment to keep bodies warm and cozy. Now, that has changed in contemporary fashion and there are several ways to wear them fashionably. Those who want to be as stylish as possible consider a cami is an essential part of the wardrobe. On this review, we´ll go over how you can wear cami shapers and be on par with fashion.

Why do we wear cami shapers?

I’ve been a plus-size person almost all my life and giving birth to two kids didn’t help me with that. I have tried different diets and I managed to shed some inches occasionally. Unfortunately however, the fat I lost came back slowly but surely.

For the record, I have tried low-carb diets like the ketogenic diet, Dukan and the Atkins diet.

After the birth of my youngest, I just couldn’t lose any weight no matter how I tried. It was then that I decided to wear shapers regularly. As the camisoles gained popularity, the shapewear industry has offered a lot of different options. But why is it better to wear camis on a regular basis?

First off, it is very casual. Unless you go to an interview where you have to have some formal apparel, you can wear it on your daily outfit without having to worry about bulges. As we know, very tight shapewear can cause different problems in the long run. So, as long as you do not try to slim your size down by 2, there isn’t a lot to worry about. Owing to that, the casual and relaxed nature of camisoles is of great help here.

Secondly, the most basic colors will be just enough. I have a white and black camisole that is not see-through and these are more than enough for me. I sometimes wear it under a jacket, occasionally without anything, and sometimes under the shirt if it’s too cold outside. It always looks stylish when you combine it with a pair of tight jeans; contrasts are always attractive after all!

So, these are the two simple reasons why I wear camisoles daily.

What does it do when you wear it?

Even though it doesn’t look so different from regular tees; it provides compression to hold in fat, excess skin, or defects. Before wearing shapewear, I used to avoid tight dresses as they showed all the pinches and bulges I didn’t like about myself.

If you get a good cami, the saggy skin under the armpit will disappear, the feminine curves stand out, the tummy will look flatter and it will boost your self-confidence in the end! Many people wear it in the process of weight-losing as it boosts motivation.

To make things clearer, I would like to talk about the cami I have in my wardrobe and why I chose it.

Icredible Seamless Shaping Cami

As I said before, camis need to be casual and hide as many things as possible. As its bottom end is loose, it is best to wear it with a pair of jeans or tight trousers. Before this one, I had tried several different camis; but I like this one more than the others as I feel it’s more proper to wear medium-compression for daily use. The higher-compression shapewear is more suitable for important occasions like dates, weddings, or business meetings.

I wear it when I go shopping, have a coffee with my friends or just weekend getaways. As my sweat glands work more than I would like; I prefer them, sincecamis don’t cover more than necessary and keep me fresh. If you are living in a humid area, you’ll know what I mean.


  • Basic colors
  • No rolling up
  • Nice back support
  • Functional


  • Not for every type of bra

Main Specifications

  • Contains nutrients
  • Strap support
  • Specially designed fabric
  • Medium-compression


Basic Colors

If you like combining your tops with different pants or jackets; basic-colored t-shirts are the go-to products. As I try to follow the seasonal trends as much as possible, I am glad that I look stylish at work or home. As I have an apple body shape, I don’t have any problems with my lower body and I am comfortable to wear skinny-fit trousers. I’ll go into more detail about the body shape in the F.A.Q. section.

These camisoles have 3 three colors: black, white, and beige. If you want to wear them as undergarments, beige could be a good choice; but if you are like me, you can go with white or black. The black one looks exceptionally well if you have a nice-looking blazer. I like going out in the white ones when I take the kids to soccer or sit in the garden.

Rolling Up

Every cami shaper has loose bottom-ends that need tucking in the trousers. If you like walking, moving around, or just bobbing in your daily routine; a rolling-up camisole is annoying. Thanks to its specially-designed fabric, the bottom-end sticks to the skin like glue and doesn’t move up at all.

I hesitated if it could stay like that as some washing up can reverse things; however, easy handwashing allowed me to keep its firm structure intact. Just as any shapewear, I recommend you wash it by hand or it may lose its elasticity otherwise.

Back, Waist and Tummy Support

Indeed, this is something that we would expect from a piece of shapewear; yet, I want to go into more details. Wearing high-compression shapewear for long hours can harm your organs. So instead of trying to look 2 sizes down, you may want to pick a medium-compression shaper for daily uses and wear high-compression for significant occasions.

However, I like this camisole (especially the black one) as it flaunts my feminine curves instead of straightening everything possible. If you don’t want to look like a 15-year-old with no curves, you might like this product's waist support!

In addition to that, having back support is also a plus. As the clothes squeeze the excess fat, it doesn’t disappear but pops out somewhere else. It usually bulges from the back unless it has good back support. What I like about this camisole is that it evenly distributes the excess fat and shows no bulges.


The brand also claims that it helps to burn calories faster while nourishing your skin. However, I don’t actively try to lose weight nowadays so I didn’t check if it burns calories faster. On the other hand, a 2010 study shows that women who are on a treadmill wearing shapewear tend to burn calories more efficiently than those who don’t wear shapewear. So, there might be a grain of truth there.

In addition to that, this cami shaper is also suggested to nourish the skin. Again, I don’t check whether my tummy is nourished or not, so, I can’t tell anything about that.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of shapewear should we wear for what type of bodies?

Different bodies require different shapewear. If you have an apple, hourglass, or diamond type, camisole could be what you need. However, if you are a pear type, high-waist boyshorts could be a better option. For instance; if you have an apple shape and wear yoga leggings, you will look disproportionate. Yes, the legs will look quite slim but it will result in your tummy standing out.

  • How do I need to wash shapewear?

Even though it says it is washing-machine friendly on its tag, I strongly recommend you wash it by hand as the fabric used there is a very delicate one and may lose its elasticity easily. So, wash it with warm water and rinse it right away. You shouldn’t be using any hard chemicals as any mild detergent would be enough.

If you decide to wash it in the washing machine anyways, try to wash it in the gentle cycle.

  • How do I pick the correct size?

Well, I normally wear L size t-shirts and when it comes to the shaping cami, I take XL. As these are skintight, you need to be as relaxed as possible in it instead of being suffocated. So, choosing one size up is always good. I know it’s a bit demotivating but make sure that you will be comfortable in it.

Apart from that, if you buy extra-firm compression shapewear, you can even make it two sizes up. If you have the chance to try it, it’s better.



To sum up, camisoles are trendy again and there is no reason to feel ashamed or lack self-confidence if you have larger love handles than you wanted. The Incredible Seamless Shaping Cami is a good solution to that as in my experience. It has an attractive and simplistic design with basic colors. Moreover, it won’t roll up and has got a nice level of compression, adequately supporting back, waist, and stomach.

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