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How to Wear a Bodysuit – The Ultimate Guide for Looking Stylish

How to Wear a Bodysuit – The Ultimate Guide for Looking Stylish

  • 25 July, 2020

How to Wear a Bodysuit – The Ultimate Guide for Looking Stylish

Bodysuits are getting more and more popular as women have discovered that they are comfortable and fashionable at the same time. However, there are some common mistakes that all of us do. The little touches on a bodysuit can make you look better. So, we’re going to learn about these simple tricks.

How do you wear a bodysuit?

As celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, and Gwyneth Paltrow wore bodysuits a couple of years ago, the fate of bodysuits made a sharp U-turn. Old-fashioned, uncomfortable, far from a feminine look cliché has disappeared. Yet, I hate to say it ladies; we don’t look the same as they do in bodysuits.

And that’s not because of our ill-looking bodies, but mostly ignorance about how to wear it. What you wear on it and with it is the most essential part of looking elegant and chic about bodysuits.

While picking the best bodysuit for your body, it is also important to choose something that would be best for your body type. For example; if you are a relatively tall beauty, you had better combine your bodysuit with a skirt for charming people.

Similarly, if you aren’t happy with the numbers you see on your bathroom scale or have defects around your tummy, shapewear bodysuits are the go-to products that you should be thinking.

What to wear under a bodysuit?

Underwear-wise, the bottoms usually don’t fit well with the bodysuits, while any bra type can be optional depending on the bodysuit type. Let me explain it a bit for you.

On our first date with my current husband, I was wearing a bodysuit. Remember, in those days the bodysuits weren’t considered as something sexy or fashionable at all. However, it looked like a regular shirt; and when my then-boyfriend husband saw me off, I realized that my panty lines were quite visible all night long. Up to this day he still jokes about that, and my words can’t describe how embarrassed I felt that night.

Anyway, as bodysuits became the new sexy thing again, I wear it with more enthusiasm than before, and that’s why I’ll give you some tips so that you feel the same way as I do!

So, first things first, under no conditions should you wear pants under the bodysuit. That’s the end of the discussion. That’s because the whole purpose of bodysuits is to be practical and seamless. Adding some extra clothing there would spoil that purpose.

As I’m a sweating type as well, I understand the concerns that some of us want to feel more secure by slipping some cotton on to avert visible sweat lines. However, a night out, date, or just some rare occasions without pants shouldn't bother you a lot.

How about bras?

Well, bras are an entirely different story. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they aren’t. So, if it’s a bust-free bodysuit, indeed, you need a bra. Depending on your breast size, you can have push-up bras or not.

If it’s a bodysuit with busts, you need to think it through the glass of fashion. Where do you want to attract people? If you have an hourglass shape, you can leave it as it is. Yet, if you have a triangle or square shape, extra lifting would surely come in handy. For those who have an apple, pear, and even triangle; I’d suggest you claim the benefits of a good shaping bodysuit with the bra-lifting feature to boost up the curves and flaunt the feminine look.

What’s more, if you’re going to put them on since they are practical and like to wear them at home, bra-lifting can be a bit exhausting. So, the purpose here is more about comfort than boosting up self-confidence. For such people, there are bodysuits without breast support.

Let me give you some examples of bodysuits and how to use them.

Shapewear Body Elegance

The breathing type of bodysuits like this one prevents any sweating while molding your stomach quite well. Indeed, the nature of shapewear is through squeezing the body, however; this is the price that we pay to look better, right?

However, the Elegance model has got one big advantage: Multi-purpose. So, it’s not a very firm type that would affect blood circulation in the tummy and it’s good to use under a jacket. You can peek-it out if you are wearing it with skirts. On the other hand, you can wear them with a tight pair of jeans.

The top and bottom ends have lace details that seem very feminine to me. I have always liked laces and these look top-notch and not so underwear-ish.

If I were to wear it as part of the outfit, not as a piece of underwear, I’d style it with track pants and trendy sneakers. Another stylish combine would be with high-heel shoes and a long skirt that would cover the heel.

Shapewear Bodysuit Evolution

This is another one that I like a lot as it combines comfort and control at the same time. The Evolution bodysuit provides thigh control as well as tummy. Therefore, it’s even prettier if you have problematic thighs and need a little support on your tummy.

As I have the XL size of this product, I can tell there is no size difference between this shapewear and my regular bodysuits. As you may know, normally I’d suggest you buy a size up to have a better fit.

So, apple, pear, triangle, and even hourglass-looking bodies can benefit from this. It looks extremely well with tight jeans or under a shirt without doing up the buttons.

How to wear a bodysuit if you are a plus-size

21st-century fashion doesn’t exclude anyone regarding their weights. However, there are unfortunately fewer choices left for plus-sized ladies even though the trend is currently changing for good. I’m a bit overweight myself, so I’d like to dedicate the next part for ladies who have similar problems like me.

The first rule is that you need to get to know your body well. You know your weaknesses and strengths of your body. We are curvier so we need to boost that. I’m not a compliment fisher myself and I just wear what I think looks in the mirror. Yet, I know that having a cleavage down to the belly button isn’t for my body. So, wearing something that you’ll be comfortable and attractive is good.

The second rule for me is that I never give up on my shapers. I sometimes feel butt-lifting shapewear would be good in a tight dress and the other times, looking curvier is much better. When I lounge in front of the TV, I consider comfort as the most vital condition in shapewear.

et me address the issue with a few examples.

Second Skin Seamless Hip-Hugger Bodysuit

It’s a great casual bodysuit to wear as underwear with sweats and boyfriend jeans. I would combine it with a sporty look too. As it has hip pads, your buttocks will look as if you haven’t missed any squat days and you will notice the difference at once.

In addition to the hip support, the black version would be good to put on at home or on a good summer day outside. If you are looking for a shaper to wear at home, I think this one would be a rational choice thanks to its medium compression and texture. As its name suggests, I like the idea that a piece of shapewear shouldn’t feel too tight and squeezing. Therefore, the “Second-Skin” would be something good to have in the wardrobe.

If you want to wear it outside, you don’t need push-up bras as it supports breasts good enough. Irrespective of your breast size, it looks like it’s going to provide well-endowed and sculpted breasts. So, long skirts or tight jeans would be good as you will need to prompt your upper body rather than the lower.

Things to consider when choosing the best bodysuit

As I have been wearing them for a long time, I consider myself as bodysuit whisperer. I have tried cheap ones and exclusive ones. Apart from the fabric quality, there is a thing that bugs my mind about the cheap bodysuits. Here, I’m talking about the ones you can find even in one-dollar shops.


The buttons! I wouldn’t tell the buttons would be such imperative parts of any clothing if I didn’t have my failures. Just imagine a day with your family, sitting outside with your hubby, or any occasion like these. Tinkering yourself to do up the buttons is one thing but the more embarrassing times are ahead with the cheap buttons. They break so easily that you worry about it all the time. Until you hit the roof and get rid of it, of course. So, yes, unless you have a body of Victoria’s Secret models, buttons are important.

Non-riding up

Another thing to have is that the bodysuit needs to be no roll-up. That means when you have your bodysuit on, you won’t need to worry about being an accidental exhibitionist. Once I was sitting on the grass in our garden with our friends, I saw my husband making some facial expressions to me. Totally blank, I asked what he was trying to say.

Then, he told me that I was revealing my side hip. Burst into laughter, I noticed that my low-cut jeans slipped down and my well-worn bodysuit rolled up. Generally, there are those little silicone dots on the bottom and top ends so that it will anchor to your body. However, it’s a common problem that they just wear out and become useless.

Looking casual

Bodysuits may not be the pieces to wear to go to your best friend's wedding. However, if you know how to combine them well, they would look quite casual. I’ll suggest having a cozy cardigan on a nice spring day and no-heel shoes with them.

If you are going to wear them while working at the office, a blazer and high-waist pants could be a good choice as well. In addition to that, if you don’t have a shaping bodysuit, you can combine it with a belt whose color is matching and this way, the hourglass shape is quite simple to get. In addition to the shape, the belt stops the pants from slipping down and revealing the skin under.

Since I don’t like how my thighs look (especially after giving birth, it’s like fat storage), I combine my bodysuits mostly with skirts. My choice is usually A-line skirts that are high-waisted and hug my hips nicely. If I want a sportier look, I wear a denim jacket. For the other looks, I go with leather jackets or blazers.


To sum things up, bodysuits are the must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. If you are looking for a piece of clothing that is both attractive and comfortable at the same time, bodysuit might be the answer to your needs. However fashionable it is, it won’t always look good if you lack the knowledge of how to wear it.

First and foremost, you need to familiarize yourself with what your body desires. Different lengths of bodysuits are there for curvy, extra-thin, tall, or petite ladies. If your thighs or tummy is yet to look as you have always desired, you might want to check out the shaping bodysuits.

Another thing is that you need to decide whether you want breast-lift, butt-lift, or gradual waist compression. These all can be mended but only when you know what you want.

Lastly, the common issues that I have mentioned are the ones you need to put extra care if you don’t want your husband or partner to tell you “look ridiculous”. Well, no pun intended to mine.

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