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Best Bra for Large Sagging Breasts

Best Bra for Large Sagging Breasts

  • 18 August, 2020

Best Bra for Large Sagging Breasts

When one has breasts on a much larger side, the search for a perfect bra definitely isn’t easy. Finding the perfect fit is hard, regardless of what size you are. Because of this, we have decided to help you out by picking out the best bras from our shop!

Why do breasts become saggy?

You may be wondering why breasts become saggy. We all know age plays an important role on this; however there are other reasons which can play a role in it. Some of the other reasons that may affect your breasts are: menopause, as well as losing or gaining a lot of weight. Naturally, the larger the breasts are, the more saggy they become as well. Two other causes for this may be pregnancy and genetics. However sometimes it may just be a natural thing.

It’s important to note that breasts are made from fibrous and fatty tissues which can get affected by gravity later on. Because of that, they get pulled down0 and start loosening, putting tension on the overlying skin. Due to these reasons the skin stretches and allows the breasts to sag. They also sag because the system which is responsible for making milk starts to shrink when it is not needed anymore. This usually happens after you stop breastfeeding, so your breasts become deflated and saggy.

Becoming pregnant multiple times in your life may also cause the breasts to become saggy. This is because hormones fluctuate a lot during pregnancy, making the milk ducts shrink and expand very quickly. Of course women with larger breasts can expect to have more saggy breasts than those with smaller ones. It’s simple; the larger they are, the pull of gravity on them increases as well.

Naturally; the older you get, the more the breasts will sag. That is because as you grow older, the skin becomes less elastic, causing the breasts to start sagging. Smoking regularly can also affect the way your breasts look. Smoking causes the elastin to be destroyed much faster, so if you are a smoker, you will also see your breasts begin to sag sooner than others.

Myths about sagging breasts

There are several myths that surround this case, regarding what makes breasts sag and what doesn’t. However, these myths are easily debunked and we will do so now.

Breastfeeding is largely thought to cause the breasts to sag. Most people think that breastfeeding stretches the breast tissue when it really doesn’t. Some people think breastfeeding causes this because they associate it with milk-making tissues, which shrink after the mother is no longer breastfeeding their children. The shrinkage can cause the breasts to look pretty empty and that causes them to sag naturally.

So, based on this argument, it is clear to see that breastfeeding is not really a cause for sagging breasts. What actually makes them sag is the period after the breastfeeding, when the milk tissues stop producing milk, causing them to shrink.

Another thing that other people think can cause sagging breasts is not wearing a bra. Others say that what makes them sag is because you may be using bras that don’t fit you properly. However, these statements are baseless arguments. There is no actual proof that this does or does not cause breasts to sag.

Things you should know to pick the right bra for sagging breasts

There are a few important features that you should look for when picking the ideal bra for you. Of course, there are many different kinds of support bras; however the best ones have several things in common. First thing which you should look for is for narrow straps, so it allows you to have extra support.

It’s important for the bra to also have a strong fabric. The strong fabric won’t allow it to stretch too much and will always be able to give you full support. It’s important for cups to be with full coverage and/or have T-seams. The siding should be reinforced and it should also have an underwire the band should also be wide and sturdy.

Of course, the best bra should have all of these features. However, it’s also good if it has most of them. Having a good support bra is a very important thing for any woman for both health and comfort.

#1 Super Comfort Bra

This kind of bra has actually multiple uses and is also perfect for anyone. This is probably one of the most comfortable bras there are, so you may want to wear it every day.


As previously mentioned, this type of a bra can be a perfect fit for very busty ladies. Not only that, but it is extremely soft and light, so you will feel as though you are not wearing anything! In other words, it is extremely comfortable, but at the same time provides the full support that you need. The cups of the bra don’t have those uncomfortable wires, so you won’t need to worry about that. This bra just gives breasts a natural perkiness and eliminates discomfort.

Super Comfort Bra also comes in three different colors, which include: black, white and light pink. It also has no seams, so you will be able to wear tight clothes without any problems. It won’t be visible under the clothes! The design on the back also leaves no marks, so you can rest easy from any unwanted rolls that could be made.

The straps that come with the bra can be either normal or crossed. This way, the bra allows you to wear it with either t-shirts or tops that have no sleeves. That being said, it’s literally a bra that one can wear anywhere they please.


  • Multiuse
  • Super comfortable
  • Great for all sizes


  • No extra large size


With all of that being said, one can easily conclude that this is one of the most comfortable and lightest bras you can purchase. Especially because it can fit even the bustiest of ladies! This bra also has multiple uses so you will be able to use it in multiple ways. You can also wear it under whatever clothing you want as it won’t be visible!

#2 Full Support Bra

The Full Support Bra provides the full support that a lady of a larger size needs. Not only does it provide support, but it is also very soft and light to wear. It literally can fit anyone so it’s a perfect fit for most ladies. It’s perfect for everyday wear too.


With this bra, you will be able to forget all those bras that didn’t fit properly and felt uncomfortable. This bra will be all that you need. Like already mentioned above, it comes with the full support that your large breasts need. It also provides great comfort and definition thanks to the strong fabric. That being said it is a perfect solution for women with much larger breasts because it has all the sizes.

One can wear this bra for working out as well because it gives good support and control. However, you can always wear it for every day as well due to its great comfort. You will also find that this bra is actually very easy to put on. All you have to do is slide it from your feet and drag it to your torso. Once you do that, just put your arms through the straps then just adjust the bust to whatever lifting level you wish.

The bra is very light so you will forget that you are wearing it throughout the day. However, you won’t need anything to worry about because the bust won’t even budge. So you will be carefree as well as confident! It has a cross back design so you will be able to easily keep an upright position. That way, you will be able to hide the annoying rolls that appear on the back because of the localized compression system.


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Comes in all sizes
  • Great for workouts


  • Only one color


This one of the most ideal bras that a lady of a larger size can purchase! It gives very good support and is extremely comfortable. The bra is also very durable. You will not have a care in the world while wearing it because you will know that it’s keeping it all in place.

#3 Underwear Full Support Bra

This is a great bra as it provides the full support that you need. This one as well is a great fit for almost all larger women. You can wear it either every day or during workouts. It also reduces your waist.


This full support bra can be great for large sized ladies just like the other ones. Not only does it provide a good amount of support but it also reduces your waist. Another thing that it reduces tuck contour measurements. However, it does that in such a way that it doesn’t mistreat the body nor does it tighten it. Although, it can be a little bit uncomfortable after a long period of time.

Due to it reducing your waist, it gives you a very good looking silhouette. It also has a fabric that is double-controlled. This means that the fabric is super strong which guarantees very good support and durability. The waist strap is made out of silicone which allows it to stick fast to the skin. All of this makes the bra very fresh, light to wear and easily fitted to everybody.


  • Reduces your waist
  • Great for all body types
  • Full support


  • Straps aren’t narrow
  • Can be uncomfortable after a long time


This is a great type of bra for the busty ladies. It is an ideal fit for those who would want a slimmer waist but it won’t tighten you nor will it feel uncomfortable in any way. However, keep in mind that straps aren’t too narrow so it could be a little bit uncomfortable and not fully supportive.

Best Types of Bras For Large Sagging Breasts

It is very important for those who have sagging breasts to fight the perfect fit for them. The right type of bra will allow your breasts to look lifted and in a good shape. It’s also important to find the right size for you and it’s important to note that the right one will make your breasts look perky, upright and lifted. And it doesn’t matter how old you are.

You should pay attention that the bra’s support comes fully brom the bra’s band. The band can make your breasts get pulled down if it’s too loose. That’s why it is very important to find a professional that will get your fitting done. It should save you a lot of trouble and will allow you to find the perfect-sized bra more easily for your sagging breasts. 

There are different types of bra that you can look for and those are:

1. T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt bras have a seamless look as well as sleek features. These types of bras allow you to have very good support and lift. They are the most comfortable ones. The cups are moulded which means that there is a good support to the breasts. It makes your breasts look naturally round. This is also a great bra to wear when you are wearing a tight dress because it lifts your breasts up and provides great support.

2. Full-cup Bra

A full-cup bra is most definitely the best for women with large sagging breasts in general. These types of bras give you full coverage of the breasts and also gives extremely good support. With these types of bras you don’t need to worry about your breasts slipping out to the side or at the top. You will have both good lift and shape with these bras. So, if you have very large sagging breasts, the full-cup bra is the best option for you and you definitely won’t regret it. It gives you exact support that you need when dealing with large breasts.

3. Bras With Underwire

The bras with underwire offer the best support when it comes to those types of features. Your breasts will have so much support and lift that you will actually feel confident. You will just know that everything is being held in place. Such bras are the best option for women who like bras without padding and lightweight ones. But despite them being lightweight, they still provide great deal of support. Due to the underwire, such bras also offer good enough lift and it gives your breasts a very nice natural shape.

4. Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras are the best ones to purchase if you want to give a proper lift to your sagging breasts. It also is great for keeping your breasts in place. These bras come with the plunge feature in them so it allows you to wear those bras with dresses with a deep neck. Not only that, but these bras give you a great deal of support that you need. These bras also make your breasts look close together. Due to its features, this type of bra can sometimes be called the official no-sag bra.

5. Balconette Bra

In case that your breasts aren’t very firm, then balconette or demi-cup bras are a great choice for you. These bras give your breasts a rounded and a perky look. The balconette bra has cups that don’t cover the top and inner parts of the breasts. That’s why these bras aren’t too great for women with larger breasts. Another reason for that is that straps are set wide apart to give it strong hold and make breasts more exposed. For larger breasts, it’s important for the straps to be narrow. However, if you still want to purchase that one, make sure that it is padded because it will be better for the sagging breasts due to the better support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best features to look out for when choosing a bra for sagging breasts?

When picking out the correct bra for sagging breasts, it is very important to look out for important features. That way, you will never be wrong and will always find the perfect fit for you. First thing that is important that you should look out for are bras with three or more hook-and-eye closure. This will give you extra support and it also gives it extra strength.

Another important thing is to avoid cups with only one layer. Such bras usually have shapes in a certain way and if your breasts are shaped differently, there is a high chance they won’t fit right. It’s very important for cups to be soft and to have an underwire. This will give the breasts full coverage as well as full support.

The bras with soft cups that have seams allow you to have very well shaped breasts but also give them a minimized look. Those women who don’t like seams, you can also go for soft seamless bras and that will also be a great choice. You should also make sure that the bra has good side support as well as extra fabric lining on the inside of the bra cups. It should also have high sides.

Is it dangerous to wear shapewear for too long?

It’s always best to be moderate in whatever you do in your life and shapewear is one of those things. However it also depends what type of it you are wearing but nonetheless, everything should be done in moderation to avoid further risks. To avoid any sort of possible irritation, rash or any sort of skin problems, it is best to avoid the fabrics that make you sweat a lot. However, if you can’t avoid it, just try not to spend a lot of time in such fabric.

Can these bras affect the shape of my breasts indefinitely?

Sadly, you can’t change the shape of your breasts by using these bras. These bras only help you to make it easier for you in everyday life as sagging breasts can be a problem sometimes. If you do want to change the way they look, you should definitely talk to an expert about it


To sum it up, these were the top 3 best bras for large sagging breasts. They provide the best comfort and support that you need. Also, depending on your needs and size, you should be able to choose the best fit for you. We have also provided some extra information about why breasts sag because a lot of women don’t know. We have also added features that you should look out for when picking out the best bra for you.

If you are of larger size all three of these bras should be able to fit you just as well. The second one should be the best one no matter what size you are as it provides the best support. The first one is great because it has multiple uses and you can even adjust the bust. The third one is great if you want to adjust your waist however it may not be comfortable to wear for longer times.

This article has provided you all needed information regarding bras for sagging breasts. We all know that they can be quite troublesome to deal with. We have even provided the list of the types of bras you can wear for these breasts. The best way one can temporarily fix that problem is by wearing the right sized bra which we have provided as well.

In the end, it all comes down to important features you should look for which are the wide underband, the fabric that is not stretchy so it lasts you for a long time, full coverage design and boned sides. The best ones naturally have all of these features however in case they don’t, you should definitely check that the bra at least has a very good support.

And, at last, we hope you have enjoyed the article and found all the answers to your questions that you needed. We have tried being informative as possible and so we hope that you manage to choose the best bra for you. By just reading this article, it should be easy to narrow down your options in general and we hope that you choose one of the bras in the article.

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