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Does Slimmer Belt Work? - Truth behind the Slimmer Belt

Does Slimmer Belt Work? - Truth behind the Slimmer Belt

  • 25 July, 2020

Does Slimmer Belt Work? - Truth behind the Slimmer Belt

Losing belly has been the many women’s purpose, including me. The accessories like slimmer belts claim that they help to achieve this cause. However, some people argue that they are overrated. Can it help or is it just a money pit? We will find out together.

What are the ways of slimming down properly?

When you go to a gym that has motivation posters on its walls, you will see that phrase quite often: “No pain, no gain”. Indeed, you need to put an extra effort to lose weight and have a slimmer look. And yet it seems there are people who don’t gain any weight, even if they eat the same levels as we do. According to Dr. Larry Cheskin, some people have biological advantages such as faster metabolism.

However, he also adds that they somehow manage to balance their inputs and outputs. The cliché knowledge says that an average woman needs 2,000 calories a day while this number hangs at 2,500 calories for men. However, these numbers were calculated back in the 1950s; thus, we need to consider people were leading a more active lifestyle back then. So, active daily routine such as taking a walking at a brisk pace is essential to keep your weight balanced as well as balance in the calorie intake.

In addition to that, modern times have turned our diets into higher carbohydrate, lower protein ones. As people don’t have much time for eating healthy, a few meals at a fast-food restaurant became mainstream. Taking calories is important but taking it through healthy, nutrient food is even more crucial.

So, to get rid of belly pooch, you need lots of exercises and dietary changes. Having less than 20 percent of body fat will assure you will have it as flat as before.

Where does the slimmer belt stand in the efforts of weight-loss?

A lot of products brandish it as something miraculous. However, treating it as one can be a mistake. Slimmer belts work only when combined with a good exercise schedule and balanced nutrition. Let me introduce you to the benefits of slimmer belts.

#1 Posture Correction

The longer you have been oversized, the higher the chances of your posture needs fixing. The natural stance due to the belly fat changes as the body’s center of gravity shifts slowly. However, imagine there is something that makes you stand upright all the time you wear it. That’s exactly what happens when you wear a slimmer belt.

If you wear it for longer, the spinal stance may change as well. You might have noticed this effect if you go to the gym in more than 3 consecutive months. You may not feel the weight loss, shrinking belly, or any other reaction but the posture correction happens first. Therefore, slimmer belts do it as well.

#2 Sweating a Lot

I think this is one of the things that people confuse with losing weight the most. As there is the thermal zone around your waist, the amount of perspiration dramatically increases and you lose body fluids. However, this doesn’t mean that you are losing weight.

Yet, sweating a lot and re-hydrating yourself is a great way to lose weight. Studies show that drinking water before meals can help you lose weight. It gives you the feeling of being full and causes you to consume fewer calories. Although sweating a lot doesn’t mean the belly is going away, it indirectly assists you.

What’s more, sweating is the most accepted way of detox and opening pores. The toxins in your body will be gone when you sweat more.

#3 Instantaneous Effect on Waist

Just like the popular shapewear, slimmer belts squeeze the waist and provide a sculpted tummy and back. Unless you have an ongoing problem, using a very firm slimmer belt shouldn’t cause any problems. To avoid any possible health conditions such as decreased blood circulation, you may ask an expert before the first use.

However, it boosts self-confidence greatly. I like to know that the long-awaited hourglass shape is within arm’s reach; and I believe this is one of the reasons why it earned such popularity among women.

The instant effect, on the other hand, isn’t permanent. Even though the fat cells are compressed upon wearing them, they will go back to their normal sizes after taking it off.

How do we use slimmer belts?

Wearing a slimmer belt is quite simple. First and foremost, to get the most out of it, you need to remove any clothing or cover around your stomach. It includes underwear, bodysuits, or shirts.

Then, wrap it around your waist tightly and if both ends meet on the belly, it’s easier to remove when you’re done with it. Use it as long as you want or whenever you want.

If you want your slimmer belt to work as efficiently as possible, you can start using it about half an hour before your workout and remove it one hour after the workout. You will keep your metabolism alive and kicking longer this way.

Is there anything that needs watching out?

I’m living in Louisiana and we are notorious for having very hot summers. So, whenever a friend of mine asks for advice about the slimmer belts, I tell them the same thing. You need to make sure that you won’t have heatstroke. It happens more often than you think, and this is something to be keep an eye on.

To prevent any unwanted results, don’t wear it when it’s scorching hot, or stay in a cooler place with enough ventilation.

Another thing is that asslimmer belts are mostly made of latex, and may cause allergies, rashes, irritation, or acne. If you know that you are allergic to this material, avoid it. For the other skin problems, they are mostly minor issues that anyone can dodge. The key is moderation, as I always say. Try not to use it for the whole day and wash it regularly.

Speaking of washing it, the hygienic rules which we all learned from the Covid-19 pandemic also apply here. So, you need to wash it after every use and, unfortunately; cleaning them up in the washing machine may take a toll on its durability.

So, you had better wash it by hand, with warm water and without using any chemicals apart from mild detergent. Right after washing, rinse it and dry it without direct sunlight.

The last thing I would warn is dehydration. I occasionally forget to drink water, especially in my busy days, and the possibility of dehydration can cause bigger problems on the days of wearing slimmer belts. Make sure you drink enough; or if you’re like me, set alarms or download applications to remind you that.

What are some of the slimming belts that I can use?

Gym Neoprene Belt

This is my favorite one when going to the gym. Its thermal action on the abdomen and waist makes me sweat more than usual during my exercises. I wear it, especially when I do cardio. I like how it supports my back and corrects my posture.

As its material is neoprene, perspiration increases to the higher levels comparing to the latex versions. In addition to that, I appreciate the adjustment levels to support my back even more. When I lift weights or squat, I adjust it firmer so that there won’t be any injuries.

Gym Latex Belt

This slimmer belt has the same design as the one I have but this one is made of latex. I think this one looks much more elegant than the Neoprene version and it fits with sports bras more.

I like this one as it locks the bad odor inside the belt and doesn’t peek out any bulges. Since its material is 100 percent latex, it’s anti-allergic with its inner and outer lining. You can clip it on your belly and start using it right away.

Gym Powernet Belt Tecnomed 2

This product is for those who need extended support on their backs and needs to have greater help when losing weight. So, the area it covers is much higher than the other two and I like the fact that it isn’t visible under other clothing.

This way, it provides a much better waist appearance; so, I think this one is a better choice if you want to slim down while doing housework or lounge on the sofa in front of the TV. Thanks to the back support, it almost eliminates any back injury when weightlifting.

The material used for this belt is Powernet which is a prominent fabric that gained popularity with the shapewear. So, it makes shaping the waist while sweating buckets possible.


To sum things up, the slimmer belt is a beneficial tool to help with your weight-loss process. If you remind and motivate yourself that these belts are not the ultimate solution to being overweight, you will maximize the benefits.

It has several perks such as posture correction, increased perspiration, and boosting self-confidence through its shaping effect. On the other hand, there are things that you need to pay attention to. For example; dehydration, heatstroke, and mild skin problems are some of those. Evading side effects is through simple steps as mentioned before.

Lastly, I suggested three of my favorite belts and Gym Neoprene Belt is for those who want increased sweating while the Latex Belt is for those who desire to look chic. Finally, the Powernet Belt Tecnomed 2 is the most suitable for non-gym users.

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