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What do you wear under a lace bodysuit?

What do you wear under a lace bodysuit?

  • 25 July, 2020

What do you wear under a lace bodysuit?

As bodysuits are on an uptrend nowadays, lots of people have been asking what to wear under a lace bodysuit. There are different types of bodysuits and you need to be aware of what you’re going to wear with them and under them. First things first, to not to be ridiculed takes a lot of effort.

General Rules to hide breasts

Nipple pasties

If your bodysuit is completely see-through, you probably won’t want to expose your nipples. The easiest way to escape to be branded as an exhibitionist is nipple pasties. Yeah, those pasties come in different colors and shapes but the picking one that wouldn’t attract attention is important. As you are wearing a lace outfit, the places you want to draw attention should be around your high-toned abdomen and back, if you’re not wearing a jacket.

There is a whole spectrum of pasties in the market. Choose the one that’s closest to your natural skin color and a pair of regular round nipple pasties would do the job.

Black Bra

The good thing with black bras is that they blend in every type of lace bodysuit. Even if it’s a light-colored bodysuit or a dark one, people think your bra matched. In fact, this would only be a move to cover the breasts.

As another general rule, you can opt to wear a triangular-shaped bra without straps. Why? Double straps haven’t been considered fashionable in recent years and we should avoid them. Simplicity is the key and you need to try to avoid any details on the bra.


Well, this is something you need to be extra careful. Scarves or shawls are a great way to cover the breasts; yet, if you are going somewhere that is outside and windy, you are at risk of peeking out your breasts.

If you are going somewhere indoors, and you won’t be moving a lot; scarves can be the elegant choice. If you have matching pinheads, you can use them to pin it, too. Another way of keeping them in place is by using an appropriate belt. Fasten the belt and don’t worry about it.

Lined Cup Bodysuits

This is the best solution to the coverage issue of bodysuits. You don’t need to concern about exposing anything more than you wanted to in the first place with such bodysuits. Apart from that, it’s quite comfortable; and if you’re wearing them on a scorching hot summer day, it saves you a layer or two.

I like these as it won’t give me all the wrong attention. It’s so obvious that these are designed for wearing outside and they are much easier to layer with jackets and pants.

What are the pieces to match lace bodysuits?


When I was younger, ladies used to wear blazers only as part of their formal attires, and it looked quite boring to me. However, nowadays we have a myriad of trendy blazers here and there. Moreover, it matches with the bodysuits exceptionally well.

If you like the minimalistic outfits put a blazer on and you are ready to go. The trick is to unbutton it so that the feminine lace detail looks pretty elegant and stylish. When it comes to color preference, I’d suggest that the contrast is the choice here. If you have a black sheer bodysuit, match it with a light one!

Denim Jackets and Jeans

Denim is another thing that fits bodysuits quite nicely. The delicate-looking lace and tight-fit skinny jeans look from cloud nine. Similarly, denim jackets are good for ladies who want to look sporty and trendy. If you are living somewhere breezy and constant swinging of cold and hot, you’ll enjoy the comfort it brings as it is compatible with most kinds of weather.

For this, I like the contrast again. If you have a light-wash and dark bodysuit, it takes only moments to realize people notice you.


Skintight Trousers

If you want a more feminine look with them, skintight trousers are here to help. This type of trousers is the stark contrast of what a lace bodysuit stands for. Lace looks comfy while tight trousers restrict the movements. When you combine it with a pair of high heels, remember to peek out a little bit of your ankle.

This style is more of a casual type rather than sporty and if you like wearing trousers at your office, your bodysuits aren’t out of touch.

Leather Pants

Oh, this must be the boldest look. Matching the lace bodysuit with a pair of leather pants can assure you will look charming. However, you need to be careful about its waist.

I remember once I was out with my best friends and before we went back home, I went to the restroom and I noticed that the back of my leather pants rolled down slightly. To add insult to the injury, the lace bodysuit moved up a bit after lots of dancing. So, God knows for how long, I was just showing one buttock to people who were sitting behind us. No surprise that night many guys had approached me.

Jokes aside, I felt very embarrassed to put myself into such a situation. So, to not ridicule yourselves, you should make sure that you have the exact fit as pants and no rolling up bodysuits. As an alternative, you can wear some fancy belts against it.

High-waist leather trousers are also great for them.


I like A-line skirts and I wear them quite often. So, having no skirts on this suggestion list simply sounded illogical to me. The high-waist skirts, tight or not, seem to be the new trend. If your skirt has some patterns on it, you should avoid befitting them as lots of patterns look quite ratty.

As an evening outfit, leather or ruffle skirts are good while denim skirts are a more casual type of combinations.


Per usual, accessories are must-have for every outfit. When it comes to bodysuits, I like belts the most. Avoid hip belts or military belts as they have more details than we want. Simple and thin leather belts are the first accessories that I like.

In addition to that, if you are going out at night, try to use chokers for a dominant and elegant look. They look stiff which contrasts the comfy look of your top wear. Alternatively, you may want to try regular necklaces if you want to boost the look of your chest.


I don’t know if it’s only because I’m quite a short woman next to my husband but I can’t think of anything other than high-heels when we go out. As I mostly wear high-heeled shoes to look casual or formal, I’d suggest you have it, too.

For those who want to look sporty, I think regular sneakers would work as well.

Do’s and Don’ts of Lace Bodysuits

Before Buying

Picking something that matches your skin color, body type and purpose of the outfit is essential. As a rule of thumb, try to imagine how you are going to put them on before buying. Try to combine with what you already have and avoid shopping only in the name of shopping.

So, if you’re a tanned or black lady, try to go for light-colored bodysuits as it will look better with contrast. Similarly, if you have fair skin color, go for the dark ones.

If you think you have some love handles that you wish to get rid of, you can get shaping bodysuits. If not, try to combine it with cardigans or blazers to cover the defects. Remember that all of us have weak spots and strengths; so, the trick is to boost the strengths and undermine the weaknesses.


If you are a well-endowed lady, be careful with sheer bodysuits as they might look too cheesy and too “revealing”. So, combining it with a shirt and putting your breasts to the forefront might be a good idea. If your boobs look as if you wear sports bra all the time like me, you need to emphasize the tummy. It’s all about what you want to show, girls!

Lastly, it’s the purpose. Are you going to a friends’ reunion? Is it a date or just simply going out? When imagining how you are going to wear them, think of what your purpose for that outfit would be, too. Casual, sporty, or semi-formal meetings can change how you want to look in those bodysuits all the time.


When Buying

The first rule is “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things” and this applies perfectly for bodysuits. The quality of fabric greatly changes the price and buying something just because it’s cheap comes with its disadvantages.

The primary risk is that it would make you sweat a lot. I mean, a lot! That decreases self-confidence while increasing the chances of irritation and rash. So, try to get a good-quality fabric.

How to care lace bodysuits

Lace is a delicate piece of fabric and its washing requires a different set of rules. You’ll probably see it on its garment care label but it’s never a good idea to wash it in the washing machine. You need to hand wash it all the time. Even if the garment label says otherwise, your lace bodysuit will endure longer.

After washing, don’t wring it with your hands, just let it dry itself without the direct exposure to the sunlight. Drying with direct sunlight fades the colors. Just like all other laces, you should not be ironing them. If you feel you have to, cool ironing is the only option.

As the laces are quite prone to lose their colors, try to wash them on the same day you wear them and rinse them gently. Chemicals might harm the laces so just a laundry soap should do the work.


To sum up, lace bodysuits are the next big thing and no one has seen this coming. It’s quite relaxed, chic, and sexy if you know how to treat them well. If you don’t want to think about showing nipples, I’d recommend you certainly go with the lined cup ones. Blazers, cardigans, denim jackets are the most common ways to complete the tops while leather pants, high-waist skirts, and jeans are the perfect fit for the bottoms.

When you combine it with little touches of accessories like chokers or belts, you will look awesome as always!

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