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Best Plus Size Waist Trainer

Best Plus Size Waist Trainer

  • 22 July, 2020

Best Plus Size Waist Trainer

Even though I have always beenplumpy, things got a bit out of hand after giving birth. I started to dislike how I saw myselfin the mirror. I started lookingfor a waist trainer at the time, and after a lengthy research, I think these are the best plus-size waist trainers I could find.

How do I lose fat quickly?

If your metabolism is similar to mine, you know that losing weight is not a cinch. I have tried almost everything.

The first thing I tried was, of course, starting a diet. Since I was still nursing, I went to a dietician for an appropriate schedule. I was not trying to deprive myself of anything that could affect the nutrients of my milk and the expert opinion was necessary.

In addition to that, I started exercising on a daily basis. I’ve never been very active as I am a desk jockey; so, moving slightly more than usual was a huge success at first! That’s when I decided to get a helping hand to boost my slow-working metabolism.

Why do we need waist trainers?

If your metabolism works well, exercise will make you sweat a lot. Sweating is a signal that your metabolism works at a higher speed. Working out helps not only during your exercise routine; but will also continue after you finish, as your body will keep burning fat. You basically trick your body as if you were still doing your workout by continuously sweating!

In addition to that, when you sweat more, your body gets dehydrated and you will drink more water as a result. When you are on a diet, it’s crucial to drink more water as it makes you feel full and eat less in turn. So, these are the two fundamental reasons why wearing a waist trainer is necessary.

Without further ado, let’s get to my favorite waist trainers and learn more about them.

#1 Latex Thermal 3 POS Hook Cincher Sport

The waist cincher is one of my favorites because it’s latex and it greatly boosts perspiration. As a person who tried a different type of waist trainers, I would recommend you work with trainers whose thermal effects concentrate on the torso area. This is because the ones that scatter are less efficient and they never make you feel fresh.

If you want to wear waist trainers during your daily routine apart from exercise, I think feeling fresh and keeping unpleasant smells are essential factors that a waist trainer needs to offer.


  • Corrects posture
  • Helps to slim down substantially
  • Focuses on stomach area


  • Not good for those with pear shapes

Main Specifications

  • Latex
  • Internal cotton layer
  • Adjustable hooks
  • Sports cuts in the front and back

What does it do?

The latex thermal 3-hook cincher is the one I liked and used it because it has the sports-friendly look and fits with my sports leggings. If you want to be stylish in the gym or jogging outside, you may feel the same as me. It constricts the waist nicely and it just corrects the posture.

I normally have an apple figure; yet it converted my posture into something more hourglass-ish as soon as I wore it. Of course, it wouldn’t work as well as shapewear but it was a great motivation for me to lose weight as I saw the difference in the mirror on the spot!

Additionally, the thermal zone is concentrated in one area, which is the torso. I have tried full-body waist trainers before. However, I have had problems with feeling fresh in them and the bad odor out of the sweating body was noticeable to everyone, which was embarrassing. So focusing on one area is a better option if you ask me. Moreover, the internal cotton layer does the trick with keeping sweat inside and you don’t feel wet all over the area.

On the other hand, this product may not be good for every body-type, as it reduces the size of the tummy area instead of supporting the lower body. So, if you have a pear-shaped body, you could look somehow disproportionate.


Lastly, this product is a good catalyst to shed inches while you work out. It keeps sweating glands working even after you exercise. The stomach area has the thermal zone and the cotton layer that is good for preserving perspiration inside the cincher.

#2 Latex Thermal 3 Pos Hook Cincher Long

The Latex Thermal Long is a similar one to my favorite but it is the longer version. This one is better for daily use, not specifically for exercising. Thanks to its structure and texture, it’s almost invisible when you wear it as an undergarment!

If you wanted to sweat buckets while sitting at home or work without people noticing, this could be a good option for you. If I had it, I would probably use it at work as I don’t move much in the office.


  • Good for daily use
  • Prevents the bad smell
  • Burns fat easier


  • Hard to wash

Main Specifications

  • Latex
  • Internal cotton layer
  • Adjustable hooks


If you don’t have time to exercise daily, you could still boost your metabolism by using a waist trainer that is particularly designed for daily use. From what I understand from the product’s specifications, the biggest difference between this and the “Sport” is the length of it. This brings thicker and better internal cotton layer which is essential for keeping your body fresh.

The conventional daily cinchers aren’t adjustable, which is insufficient for shaping the tummy and waist. However, I like the feature that the latex thermal long has 3 hooks, which make the firmness level more flexible. So, if you want to have a firmer cincher, which is good for looking slimmer, you can do it with ease. Similarly, you can have medium-compression or low-compression cincher.

As the outer layer is latex, it’s almost invisible since it’s skintight. I think as long as you don’t wear anything too tight on it, nobody would notice that you are wrapped by something extra underneath.

However, similar to all shapewear and cinchers, this product is also hard to wash. If you want your waist trainer to be as durable as possible, I recommend you wash it by hand with warm water and no chemicals. Apart from the hardships of washing, you just slip it on and do whatever you want.


To sum up, this is a very similar waist trainer to my first choice aside from this one suitable for daily use. You won’t smell bad in it while sweating buckets. The reason I can adjust the firmness level is a big advantage for me as I won’t need to buy different waist trainers for different purposes.

#3 Neoprene Sport Thermal Corset Ez Sweat

Neoprene is a proven fabric that sweats you like a banshee. In addition to that, it looks very elegant with sports clothing thanks to its shiny colors and seamless texture. Combined with a sports bra it wouldn’t look like an extra piece of cloth, hanging on your stomach.

Just like the one I have, my first pick, the Neoprene Ez Sweat corset is also good for maximizing the efficiency from working out. So, if you are looking for a sports assistant, this waist cincher might be for your needs.


  • Stylish look
  • High levels of sweating
  • Can be combined with your favorite bra


  • Non-adjustable

Main Specifications

  • Made of Neoprene
  • Strapless design
  • 4 sizes


When I first checked the product, I just liked how it looks. Most of the time you see the designers skipping the “design” part and focus on different issues. Yet, this is still a piece of cloth that people will see on us and I would like to look stylish while burning calories.

I have a pair of leggings made of Neoprene and apart from sweating buckets, it is very easy to wash as it is dirt-resistant. Frankly, I don’t know whether this one has a cotton layer inside as the fabric won’t absorb the liquid but having it would surely be valuable.

As it enhances the sweating which results in cleaning pores and detoxing body, I would have liked this product to either be adjustable or come with various sizes. Right now, there are only 4 sizes available and the largest size is only XL. If your tee size is XL, that could feel too tight to wear.


Finally, the Neoprene Sport Thermal corset is an affordable product with quite nice features. If you are going to start going to the gym, you might like its chic design and comfortable wear. The only problem is that it might not be good if you wear larger than XL.

#4 Plus Thermal Body Hip Hugger

This is another product you can wear as an undergarment for the whole day if you want to. It covers your whole body except for the bra part and it provides support on the waist, stomach, and hip. So, it is a combination of shapewear and waist trainer.

It would be useful if you want to look slimmer and get slimmer at the same time. I like it as the thermal body trainer is pretty multifunctional.


  • Doesn’t mark your skin
  • Lifts breasts and hip
  • Combining with a bra
  • Large thermal zone


  • Curves don’t look the best

Main Specifications

  • Cotton lining for a fresh body
  • Adjustable straps
  • No bra


When you put on something that would stay on for too long, comfort tops the list of things that you would look for. So, this product understands that and thus, the designers put an effort to increase convenience. It has a cotton lining to keep the body fresh, straps are adjustable to lift the breasts.

I like the fact that the waist trainer is a multitasker. It sweats your inches while giving you a slimmer look already. As the design shows, the abdominal, waist, and back are supported while hips and breasts are lifted.

In addition to that, the extra-large thermal zone is only on the stomach. As I said before, I would prefer such trainers over the ones with scattered as I don’t have to worry about getting wet on different sides in case of a roll-up.

As far as I could see from the product photos, the waist support isn’t gradual. So, the way the curves look is not at the same quality of regular shapewear. I don’t know if it’s possible to have gradual waist support due to the thermal zone but it would be better to look more feminine.


Lastly, if you are looking for an undergarment that sheds fat and slims you down in the bat of an eye, this waist trainer might be a good choice. The size goes up to 5XL which is quite suitable for plus-size ladies.

#5 Plus Thermal High Panty

The Plus Thermal high panty with its boyshort-like structure is very similar to the full-body hip hugger in its functions. However, this one is a better choice if you like wearing strapless dresses or just regular t-shirts with leggings or jeans.

In addition to the strapless design, the even bigger difference is that it treats curves much better as it seems.


  • Flaunts curves
  • Lifts your bottom
  • Shapes waist pretty well
  • No roll-up


  • Zip

Main Specifications

  • Cotton lining
  • Hip reducer
  • Silicone lace detail at the bottom end


If feeling fresh and being comfortable is a priority for you, then, this thermal panty may appeal to you. I loved how easy it is to wear and take off thanks to the zip. However, I cast my doubts on the zip as it may be visible from outside once you wear it. That said, I like the idea that I don’t have to buy one size up to slip it on.

Another thing is that it looks very similar to my previous pick but I like how the curves look in this one more. If I picked this one over the other, I think this one would make me look daintier.

Thanks to its back support, I don’t think there will be any bulges caused by the compression it has on the tummy or hip. I like it when shapewear converts my skin into a more balanced, clear, and smooth shape.


All in all, this looks like an efficient undergarment when it comes to shaping and sweating. It appears to be minimalistic but efficient. So, it is good for those who want versatility and adaptability in their underwear.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can these products make me lose without effort?

As many studies show, waist trainers alone don’t make you lose fat but helps the process go smoother and faster. As your stomach is compressed, you tend to eat less. To maximize your weight loss, you need to follow a healthier diet and exercise.

  • What size should I get?

Normally, I recommend people choose one size up when it comes to shapewear. However, with trainers, you don’t need to if you buy an adjustable one. You should refer to the size chart before buying for the perfect fit.

  • Is there anything that I should be doing?

Remember that you are losing lots of water, so, keep hydrating yourself. You might want to set alarms or download applications to remind you of drinking water. As for the motivation part, taking before and after photos is an effective way to keep exercising and using waist trainers.


To sum things up, if you combine the use of waist trainers with a more active lifestyle, seeing the results is not going to be a miracle. If you want a better posture and good back support while doing sports, Latex Thermal Sport is my favorite. If you want the same things for the daily use, Latex Thermal Long could be the better option. The Neoprene Sport makes you sweat a lot and it is quite affordable so; that’s very likable.

Lastly, for the Plus Thermal products, the full-body version is my winning choice as a combination of shapewear and waist trainer. On the other hand, the high panty version is the most elegant-looking one among my choices.

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